Abu Dhabi, UAE: PureHealth, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East, announced the official integration of its inhouse Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) with the National Security Operations Center, operated and managed by the UAE’s Cyber Security Council. This first of its kind move by a healthcare entity in the UAE aims to strengthen the country’s cybersecurity efforts and reaffirm its commitment to safeguarding sensitive clinical and patient data.

Building upon an earlier agreement signed by PureHealth and the UAE Cyber Security Council, which focuses on strengthening the UAE's cybersecurity initiatives within the healthcare sector, this is a significant milestone following the initial announcement. The alignment will enable real-time sharing of threat intelligence, offering a comprehensive view of the nation's threat landscape and delivering valuable insights, all while enhancing the capabilities of the SOC teams.

His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Hamad Al Kuwaiti, Head of Cybersecurity for the UAE Government, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement that is signed with a leading company in the field of health care: “With the increasing reliance on advanced technology, cyber threats and terrorism have increased, which made it necessary for us to join hands and protect our national achievements against emerging threats. This agreement is the first of its kind, with PureHealth being the first healthcare entity to integrate to the cloud, confirming the proactive approach and readiness to raise the efficiency of our health systems to be able to address any threats to the privacy of individuals and institutions. The Cybersecurity Council has built a robust base and a strong infrastructure for cybersecurity in the UAE, and is promoting a general cybersecurity awareness culture among individuals and institutions."

Farhan Malik, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer of PureHealth said, "In the ever-evolving digital healthcare landscape, cybersecurity is the guardian of our data. Aligning PureHealth's Cyber SOC with the UAE Cyber Security Council's SOC will allow us to enhance our cyber resilience through real-time threat intelligence sharing, as well as empower us to confront the escalating sophistication of cyber threats. Our commitment to harnessing pioneering IoT and artificial intelligence solutions is intrinsically linked to our journey where we focus on taking healthcare to the cloud. Digital technologies will play a key role in our society’s development; however, we cannot ignore the threats this connected eco-system will bring. Therefore, while we capitalise on the industry 4.0, we are also proactively building our reliance framework.”

Over the past 12 years, the healthcare sector has consistently experienced the highest average data breach costs among all industries, reaching a record-breaking global total of US$10.1 million. Notably, these costs have increased by 42 percent since 2020.[1]

As a technology-driven healthcare platform with the largest integrated healthcare network in the UAE, PureHealth is spearheading the creation of a resilient healthcare ecosystem that harmonises scientific innovation with cutting-edge technology, reshaping healthcare for future generations. Within this vision, PureHealth is committed to ensuring the data security and protection of its patients and its extensive network of healthcare facilities, proactively addressing escalating cybersecurity threats, and actively contributing to the broader enhancement of national cybersecurity.

About the Cyber Security Council

The Cyber Security Council embodies the forward-looking vision of the wise leadership and the UAE proactive approach in dealing with various challenges posed by the accelerating digital technologies through specialized and effective entities which are able to provide digital protection to advanced infrastructure and ensure business continuity and the regular provision of services in all economic, educational, health and social fields.

The Council is mandated with drafting and proposing legislation, policies and standards to enhance cyber security for all targeted sectors in the country, presenting them to the Council of Ministers for approval and following up their implementation in coordination with the concerned authorities, in addition to preparing, developing and updating the UAE’s national cyber security strategy and an integrated national response plan.

The Council implements a 5-pillar strategy: 1) building capacity, making policies, enhancing governance, building personal capabilities, programs, curricula and universities, and building technical capabilities with strategic partners; 2) utilizing these capabilities to protect and defend; 3) raising awareness and spreading the culture of cybersecurity; 4) responding to cyber incidents; and 5) cooperation at all levels, starting with GCC countries, Arab countries up to all countries of the world, in accordance with the UN resolutions concerning digital security incident response centers and teams.

About PureHealth 

By advancing the science of longevity, PureHealth is introducing the healthcare of the future from the UAE to the rest of the world. PureHealth is the UAE’s largest integrated healthcare platform, with an ecosystem that challenges lifespans and reimagines health spans. With 25+ hospitals, 100+ clinics, multiple diagnostic centers, insurance solutions, pharmacies, health tech, procurement, investments and more, its groundbreaking innovations at the forefront of healthcare, as the company is on a mission to unlock time for humankind.

PureHealth’s network of healthcare facilities across Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates comprises: 

  • SEHA – Abu Dhabi Health Services Company – One of the largest healthcare networks of hospitals and clinics in the UAE
  • Daman – The National Health Insurance Company, the UAE’s leading health insurer
  • The Medical Office – Overseeing Sheikh Khalifa Hospitals and healthcare facilities established under the initiatives of H.H. The President of the UAE
  • Rafed – The UAE’s largest healthcare Group Purchasing Organization
  • PureLab – Managing and operating the largest network of laboratories in the region.
  • Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center – Specialist healthcare center focused on cell therapy and regenerative medicine
  • One Health – Sales, service support, and engineering network that provides end-to-end medical solutions to a base of over 300 healthcare service providers.
  • The Life Corner – Abu Dhabi’s first holistic pharmacy, serving the health and wellness establishment.

To learn more, please visit www.purehealth.ae


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