United Arab Emirates, Dubai - Phoenix Group PLC, the GCC region's first listed blockchain and tech conglomerate, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with BHM Capital, a leading liquidity provider. This partnership will boost liquidity for Phoenix shares on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), thereby enhancing trading volumes and bolstering investor trust.

Phoenix Group's partnership with BHM Capital which serves as liquidity provider to Phoenix Group’s shares (PHX) reinforces its commitment to optimizing share trading on the ADX. This strategic alliance not only aims to increase trading volumes and stabilize prices but also enhances investor value. 

As a liquidity provider, BHM Capital plays a crucial dual role, strengthening market stability and improving the order book. The commitment to providing liquidity for Phoenix Group’s shares is designed to ensure more consistent pricing and increase overall trading liquidity on the ADX, making transactions smoother across various price levels.

Seyed Mohammad Alizadehfard, Co-Founder and Group CEO of Phoenix Group, commented: “Our partnership with BHM Capital represents a crucial step in strengthening the liquidity and stability of our shares on the ADX. It does not only enhance our market position but also provides our investors with more robust trading options. We are fully committed to leveraging this collaboration to deliver substantial value to our shareholders.” 

Abdel Hadi Al Sa’di, the CEO of BHM Capital, stated: “This move will enhance the company's position in the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, stabilize the price movements of its traded shares, and enable investors to diversify their investment portfolios, taking advantage of opportunities in financial markets.”

Phoenix Group expects that the partnership with BHM Capital will significantly drive up trading activity and elevate demand for its shares on the ADX, fostering a more vibrant market presence. With a specific focus on boosting trading volume and the value of PHX shares, Phoenix Group is confident that this engagement will have a positive impact on the company's performance in the coming months. 

About Phoenix Group: 

Phoenix Group PLC, a multi-billion-dollar tech powerhouse headquartered in the UAE, leads the forefront of the blockchain, crypto, and tech revolution, driving innovation to new heights. In 2017, Bijan Alizadeh Fard and Munaf Ali laid the foundation for what would evolve into the Phoenix Group – a conglomerate comprising several thriving businesses. Beyond the web3 sphere, they offer comprehensive solutions, boast a 765MW mining operation, and fuel growth through strategic partnerships and innovation. Phoenix Group operates nine mining facilities in the US, Canada, CIS, and the UAE, with each unique company operating in one of four distinct verticals: Mining, Hosting, Trading, and Investments. 

Phoenix Group PLC is the region's first privately owned crypto and blockchain conglomerate listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. It also runs the largest mining farm in the MENA region. 

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Email: ir@phoenixgroupuae.com

About BHM Capital: 

BHM Capital Financial Services, listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and regulated by the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority, has been a leading figure in the country's financial landscape since 2006. Renowned for its financial technology innovations, BHM stands as a regional frontrunner, offering a suite of services from prime brokerage to market research.