Serves and Transforms Businesses Innovation Journey

Under the umbrella of helping small businesses evolve in their innovation journey, Ooredoo business, the trusted technology partner for business solutions, has launched “Shamel Complete”, an integrated solution that focuses on 5 core areas: Manage, Communicate, Connect, Go online & Track by offering a wide range of Telecom & IT services that allow the entrepreneurs and SME business owners to run their business without the need of hiring experts from different fields.

As startups or small companies aim to optimize cost and save time, Ooredoo business ensures to provide them with the tools they need to manage and reduce cost by providing them with a complete solution to manage the day-to-day operations easily with flexible payment options through different services while providing the best network coverage to stay connected and ensure uninterrupted operations.

On this matter, Sulaiman Al-Humoud, Director of Enterprise Planning & Demand at Ooredoo Kuwait said: “Ooredoo business has partnered with a number of elite companies to provide efficient solutions in core business areas such as Manage, where you can manage staff and their daily operation tasks with the best HR CRM system – a solution that provides the history of employee attendance, payroll, and leaves.” Al-Homoud added: “We also have made sure to provide SMEs with innovative payment methods through a professional POS system. Business owners can communicate through Shamel mobile and internet plans at the best prices available besides providing the Push to talk service to keep your team connected on the ground. Via Connect, as Ooredoo is recognized as the fastest network provider, we ensure to provide businesses with the best SMART Wi-Fi to keep your company connected and never miss a business opportunity.” Al-Homoud also said: “We understand the need for innovation and digitizing for all SMEs with today’s market, that’s why Shamel Complete helps you to Go online easily through the e-commerce platform to complete your journey and sell your products online. In addition to all these benefits, Shamel complete enables you to keep an eye on your business and Track the day-to-day tasks and events with the best tracking tools such as the Time Attendance Management System - a face recognition or a fingerprint solution to ensure workforce attendance, CCTV – ability to monitor all business operations around the clock, VTS – Vehicle Tracking System to track speed history, monitor vehicles, and routes. Business owners can benefit from these tailored solutions with ‘Shamel Complete”, an integrated solution designed to increase the efficiency of the businesses.”

At Ooredoo business, we cooperate with our elite partners to provide the best services and solutions to SME business owners.

‘ONE SOURCE’, one of our partners in success provides through “Shamel Complete”, the Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) solution , the multifunctional end-to-end GPS monitoring system for all transportation needs, the management system that helps businesses to improve efficiently, safely while enhancing the quality of their fleet operations with internet-connected sensors software. CEO of ONE SOURCE, Mr. Eisa Bahman, said, “It pleases us and certainly empowers us to partner with Ooredoo business, to provide the best of business solutions. VTS has been a core competency within ONE SOURCE and that is all thanks to the team behind Ooredoo business that has provided and supported our business to grow”.

‘TELOX’, offers the Push-to-talk service from their trusted technological partner; Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Barrak Al-Ka’ak highlighted and took part in identifying the effectiveness of Push-to-talk, “Ooredoo business provided us with an enhanced solution, enabling employees to connect at a push of a button. Industries ranging from security, hospitals, organizations, and constructions will surely benefit from this service; it’s a safe and fully encrypted, user-friendly device that enables us, TELOX, to uplift and enhances all voice communications within our company efficiently”.

‘Tap Payments’, provides goSell and goCollect, which are easy-to-use, powerful products that help businesses of all sizes to sell online and accept payments effectively. Mr. Faisal Al-Haroun, Managing Director at Tap Payments - Kuwait said in a statement, “goCollect is a secure and seamless invoicing solution to enhance Omni channel online payment experience. goSell is a payment gateway that allows businesses of all sizes to seize every financial opportunity through a solid e-commerce platform. These products allow businesses to focus on growing their business while trusting us with the rest.

“Menaitech”, a specialized company in HR systems is an Ooredoo business partner. Menaitech provides an integrated system to assist businesses in carrying out their daily tasks such as the recruitment process, and internal vacancies in addition to other benefits. Founder and CEO of Menaitech, Mr. Bashar Hawamdeh said “Thanks to our partnership with the telecommunication Industry and exchanging expertise in digital transformation, we have built this unique system to assist businesses in reducing their operational costs and save time to create their strategic plans”.

MNASATI, Ooredoo business strategic partner that came across Kuwait Market in 2020 to introduce a simplified model of e-commerce to all SMEs (Small and Intermediate Business Industries). MNASATI was keen to open new selling channels to business owners by providing easy tools to manage products, orders, and branches with detailed sales reports. Mr. Abdulla Abuzaid (Founder- CEO) said “By MNASATI collaboration with Ooredoo business and the ability to launch Online Stores in 24 Hours we will be giving the best chance to all business owners to make use of e-commerce services with minimum cost and high value-added”.

Finally, Sulaiman Al-Humoud, Director, Enterprise Planning & Demand at Ooredoo Kuwait, “As part of Ooredoo’s business strategy to always provide the latest solutions and as the SME market is vast with many start-ups in various industries, the Kuwaiti business owner is a determined owner with success. Hence, we at Ooredoo business pride ourselves in providing them with the best solutions that cater and become the stepping stones towards their success. Shamel Complete is our solution that places the business owners’ success as its main goal, effective, technologically enhanced and digitized solutions are the competencies that we wish to share and provide these businesses with.”

About Ooredoo Kuwait:

Ooredoo Kuwait's beginnings date back to December 1999 when it was launched as the second telecommunications operator to provide the latest telecommunications technology in the Kuwaiti market. Today, Ooredoo Kuwait is a leader in providing a unique data usage experience with extensive content and advanced services across its advanced fixed and mobile networks. Ooredoo Kuwait, listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, also owns telecommunications operators in a number of countries in the region: Ooredoo Algeria, Oredoo Tunisia, Oredoo Maldives and Ooredoo Palestine.

As of December 31, 2021, the company's revenues reached KD 602 million, and the company's shares are listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.