Dubai: Reckoning the rise in demand for electric cars in the UAE; New Auto FZCO, the region’s leading name in the luxury car market, has announced the arrival of a new consignment in EVs. The new fleet is an assortment of various models from global automobile players like Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota, Lexus, and Audi.

Speaking of their newest procurement, Bilal Nasr (CEO, New Auto FZCO) said; “The revolutionary change in green mobility is quite exciting and welcoming. Not restricted to the Middle East but globally, consumer behavior seems inclined toward EVs because they are non-polluting. The UAE government has also been encouraging the use of EVs with various incentives like low taxes, free parking, and even salik free. The brands and models that have arrived are also exported to other countries like the CIS, Iraq, and Kazakhstan.”

The political crisis between Ukraine and Russia has resulted in fluctuating fuel prices. While gasoline recorded a 13.8% hike to AED 3.96, the price of diesel increased to AED 4.14, an increase of 1.5%. The prices have been on a constant rise and consumers are experiencing a phase of instability in fuel consumption. The current situation has however worked in favor of the EV market with increased demand and more manufacturers accommodating an EV segment in their offerings. Renowned car manufacturers are producing EVs to meet the rise in demand not just in developed countries but also in third world countries.  

Bilal Nasr further added; “March 2021 was historic since the first electric car was manufactured in the UAE with an aim to use clean energy for a better environment. We must now focus on research in alternative energy sources that reduce carbon emissions and also our dependability on fuels."

Bloomberg estimates that by 2040, 57% of car sales will be credited to the EVs category, which interestingly is the percentage that Norway has planned for current times. By 2035, it is expected that 25% of gas stations will disappear due to the lack of use of cars that run on fuel.