Dubai – United Arab Emirates: National Bonds Company, a Sharia-compliant saving and investment company, has announced its acquisition of an additional 5% stake in the "Taaleem" Holding Group. This move solidifies National Bonds' position as the largest shareholder in "Taaleem" with a 22% stake. The acquisition represents the largest of its kind since "Taaleem" listed and traded its shares on the Dubai Financial Market in November 2022.

This strategic proposition is part of National Bonds' continuous effort to strengthen its presence in the education sector and aligns with its strategy to invest in vital educational services. The education sector in the region is recognized as one of the fastest-growing markets globally, presenting growth and expansion opportunities for "Taaleem" over the long term. National Bonds' investment in "Taaleem" is expected to positively impact into its own investment portfolio. 

"Taaleem", formerly known as "Madaares", was established in 2006 by National Bonds Corporation and other investors. Over the past 17 years, it has become as one of the largest providers of distinguished educational services from kindergarten to grade 12 in the United Arab Emirates. The organization has a strong reputation and a track record of offering innovative and advanced educational solutions. Currently, "Taaleem" operates 26 schools with 27,000 students, supported by over 1,700 faculty members and 3,000 administrative staff.

In a significant milestone for the education sector in the UAE, "Taaleem" conducted an initial public offering (IPO) at the end of the last year, listing its shares on the Dubai Financial Market. The IPO was well-received, with oversubscription of more than 18 times. "Taaleem" became the first educational service provider to be listed in the UAE.

Mr. Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, the Chief Executive Officer of National Bonds Corporation, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, emphasizing the company's commitment to supporting the education sector's pivotal role in the sustainable development of the UAE. He also highlighted the contribution to the country's vision of economic diversification and knowledge-based growth, fostering a prosperous future for future generations.

Al Ali stated that the new investment in "Taaleem" will enhance National Bonds' investment portfolio, enabling sustainable returns that are not significantly influenced by market cycles. This transaction demonstrates the company's confidence in the successes achieved by the "Taaleem" Group in line with National Bonds’ investment strategy.

National Bonds' strategic move is expected to encourage other investors to consider seriously the education sector in UAE, opening up more opportunities for investments in the field and supporting the quality of education for future generations.

About National Bonds Corporation PSC

National Bonds Corporation Sole Proprietorship PSC is a Sharia-compliant savings and investment company, established in 2006. It is 100% owned by The Investment Corporation of Dubai, the investment arm of Dubai government, and is licensed and supervised by the Securities and Commodities Authority. The company provides UAE nationals, UAE residents and non-residents with an opportunity to build and fortify their savings safety net, as well as invest in programs that offer competitive returns with lower risk. Its goal is to encourage a disciplined savings habit for people across the 7 Emirates, in line with the UAE Government Vision for a financially secure and sustainable future. National Bonds offers an exciting AED 35 Million Rewards Program to all savers, with monthly and quarterly prizes ranging from AED 1 million to various luxury cars.