• Partners aim to deliver over 27 hectares of production, serving KSA consumers a wide variety of locally and sustainably grown, high-quality, fresh produce year-round
  • Pure Harvest Smart Farms’ inaugural KSA facility delivers over 5 million kilograms annually of delicious produce, demonstrating the incredible year-round production potential for tech-enabled agribusinesses to contribute to the Kingdom’s food security objectives.
  • Nadec is leveraging its existing infrastructure, far-reaching distribution network, and trusted consumer brands, to support farmers like Pure Harvest to reach KSA consumers, delivering an unmatched portfolio of high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Riyadh: The National Agricultural Development Company (Nadec) is pleased to announce today its strategic partnership with Pure Harvest Smart Farms (Pure Harvest), the MEASA region’s leading technology-enabled agribusiness, to deliver a large-scale national food security project in the Kingdom, which aims to deliver over 27 hectares of production near-term – with prospects for significant future expansions on Nadec’s lands – serving KSA consumers a wide variety of locally and sustainably grown, high-quality, fresh produce year-round.

Pure Harvest will design, construct and operate high-tech, climate-controlled hybrid food production systems that allow year-round production of high-quality, safe and sustainably-grown fresh fruits & vegetables, free of pesticides, offering Saudi consumers a constant availability of high-quality fresh produce that was never before possible due to the Kingdom’s challenging arid climate.  Nadec will utilize its existing infrastructure, far-reaching distribution network, and trusted consumer brands to deliver its partner’s fresh produce to the market.  This strategic alliance is closely aligned to the Kingdom’s Vision for a more self-sufficient and sustainable food system.

The parties completed and commissioned their first-ever project on December 29, 2021, producing over fifteen (15) varieties of high-quality, hydroponically-grown tomatoes in an approximately 6-hectare high-tech, climate-controlled growing system in Nadec City, Haradh, KSA. This state-of-the-art, sustainable tomato production facility is fully integrated into Nadec’s existing infrastructure, including its innovative 30-MW captive solar farm. The groundbreaking project produces over 5 million kilograms of locally grown tomatoes per annum, harvesting daily throughout the full year, with peak production occurring during the harsh summer months during which local production has historically been impossible, thus contributing directly to the Kingdom’s food sovereignty.

This innovative project is the first of many that the partners expect to develop together integrating the full value chain of controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) production.  Pure Harvest seeks to deploy substantial production capacity over the next five (5) years in KSA, farming a wide range of crops, and Nadec will market these products to its expansive consumer base, hotels, restaurants, and catering partners. The partners share a vision to assist in the transition towards greater food security, water conservation, economic diversification, and sustainability in the Kingdom, as well as the broader GCC region.  By originating large-scale, renewable energy-integrated food production infrastructure in KSA, Nadec and Pure Harvest are together making possible local-for-local high-quality, pesticide-residue free, clean, and healthy fresh fruits and vegetables production that, thanks to Pure Harvest’s pioneering production technology, are “always in season” – proudly serving the Kingdom’s citizens.

Dr. Solaiman A. AlTwaijri, CEO of Nadec, stated: “We are delighted to be partnering with Pure Harvest Smart Farms and to bring their distinctive controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) solutions and expertise to the Kingdom.  Nadec has a long tradition of supplying a broad range of staple food products to both the Kingdom and the surrounding region.  Moving into the supply of high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables is a natural extension of our legacy.  We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide safe, secure, local food supply for our customers, and this partnership is a new opportunity for us to delight those customers, while at the same time making a momentous contribution to the country’s food security and water conservation objectives.  Nadec is proud to promote sustainable agricultural development in the Kingdom, in accordance with the ambitious goals of the Saudi Vision 2030, as well as the clear vision of our government."

Sky Kurtz, Founder & CEO of Pure Harvest Smart Farms, added: “We are honored to begin this partnership with Nadec.  They are a formidable incumbent food supplier with a sterling reputation and brand, sizeable landholdings and enabling infrastructure, and an experienced leadership team.  We greatly benefit from Nadec’s strength, and together we are pioneering a new category of fresh produce for the Saudi people – premium local.  High-quality, delicious, safe and affordable fresh produce that is always in season… offering new varieties, new products, and a fundamentally novel fresh produce experience.  Our purpose at Pure Harvest is to enable positive change through smart, sustainable farming, and Nadec shares this objective.  We are grateful to work with Nadec to accelerate the Kingdom’s vision towards a more sustainable future.”

Compared to traditional, lower-tech farming methods, Pure Harvest’s novel resource-efficient food production systems have many advantages aligned to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 mandate to conserve resources and reduce carbon emissions. Other distinctive features of its systems include the absence of soil and pesticides, as well as leveraging information technologies to make the best possible production decisions, while largely automating certain agricultural processes such as irrigation, pest control, and climate management.

Pure Harvest’s growing systems result in very low water consumption per kilogram of production, and is principally powered using Nadec’s renewable energy.  Further, Pure Harvest can harvest waste heat from existing fossil fuel power plants and nearby infrastructure and use this energy to offset power demands in its climate systems, while consuming CO2 (a fundamental ingredient for photosynthesis) to significantly increase its productivity.  Due to the use of CO2  dosing, renewable energy integration, and the project’s close proximity to the Riyadh metro market – resulting in transportation-related cost and CO2 emissions savings – this first-of-its-kind farm in the Kingdom is among the most innovative and sustainable farming projects in the world.  As part of their partnership, Nadec and Pure Harvest will collaborate to support existing local farmers, by developing sustainable solutions that they too can use to improve yields, to reduce water consumption, and to boost production quality.


About Nadec

The National Agriculture Development Company (Nadec) was founded in 1981 and was the first listed agricultural company in the Saudi stock market, one of the first food & agricultural industrial companies in the Kingdom, and it remains one of the largest upstream companies in the Middle East and North Africa, with activities ranging from dairy products, juices, fruits & vegetables, and various packaged foods.  Nadec produces over 1.5 million liters of dairy and juice each day, serving over 40,000 GCC stores, and employing over 7,000 people, providing an important contribution to the Kingdom’s food security.  For over 39 years, Nadec has deployed the most advanced technologies and systems to support its leading position in the food manufacturing sector, growing its market share in the dairy, juice and food markets in the region.

For more information, please visit https://nadec.com/.

About Pure Harvest Smart Farms 

Pure Harvest Smart Farms is a mission-driven technology-enabled agribusiness headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, focused on year-round, sustainable production of premium-quality fresh fruits & vegetables. As innovators of the Middle East’s first commercial-scale, semi-automated high-tech hybrid growing system, Pure Harvest leverages innovative growing technologies & horticultural best practices to enable local-for-local production of affordable, sustainably grown, clean fresh produce anywhere. Pure Harvest is pioneering controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) in the MENASA region, harnessing technology to tackle some of the region’s biggest problems, including food security, water conservation, economic diversification, and sustainability needs. 

For more information, please visit http://www.pureharvestfarms.com/.

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