Musa and Palm is conquering the confectionary market in the region by storm. Taking up well established giants in the market and proofing that the story of David and Goliath is not an ancient myth, the local brand has expanded its operation from Jeddah to Riyadh and is now eying possible collaborations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

“This year Ramadan was very successful for all confectionary brands in the GCC. Spearheaded by Musa and Palm of Saudi Arabia, who impressed with its sustainable, locally designed collection, it has, overall been the busiest season for the confectionary industry since 2020. During the season, the consumer demand increased by a stunning 400%”, states Tina Memic, Queen of Dates, Industry Specialist and CEO of the Brand Consult, a consultancy specialized in supporting local companies in the F&B and retail sector in the GCC. 

“The Ramadan season this was  very different than in previous years. Not only is the socio-economic climate changed, so did the awareness among the population regarding sustainability and resourcefulness. More than ever, consumers are keen on local produce, homegrown brands with a mission and vision for a sustainable future. This is an exciting change in the market” Mrs. Memic elaborates.

With sustainability at its heart, The UAE and KSA are leading the way into a greener future. Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is a catalyst for change. As per the latest report by GfK, 68% of Saudi consumers are watchful about companies’ green initiatives as sustainability plays an increased role in purchase decisions.        

This sets the stage for Musa and Palm, a local brand, that is endeavoring to go global. “Musa and Palm was born out of love for our Arabian heritage and culture, out of passion for our local food and supplies. In this time of change, I want to revolutionize how business is conducted in the GCC and Saudi Arabia!” States Suha Mousa, Owner and Creator of Musa and Palm.

As locally grown brand, designed and produced in the Kingdom, Musa and Palm is keen on empowerment of those who need to be heard and is sharing a bold message: It is time to gift with purpose, time to share experiences that are ecological. “We want our customers to experience that we can enjoy, taste, and indulge while also taking of our nature and country, both is possible simultaneously!” explains Mrs. Mousa.

In the beginning of this year, the brand’s new Production Center in Riyadh opened its’ gates, and the newest Café and Boutique is opening in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh this month, with collaborations in the UAE underway.

Musa & Palm creates artisanal date products, and contemporary gifts and retells the story of dates and their venerable history, offering an elegant café and boutique experience in the heart of Saudi Arabia.


Musa and Palm
Saudi Arabia