In a strategic move to expand its real estate consulting services, (MRB) has announced a strong partnership with AL-Masria Development Company in Assiut Governorate. Under this agreement, MRB will serve as the management and operations consultant for the company's projects in the region.

AL-Masria Development Company recently launched an advertising campaign for three major developments in the heart of Assiut Governorate, collectively known as "The Heart of Assiut Yasaei 3." MRB has played a crucial role in these projects from the very beginning, starting with analyzing the local market and customer needs in Assiut. 

"Bringing in management and operations consultants from the start is a testament to AL-Masria Real Estate Development Company's commitment to ensuring the success of its investments," said Eng. Mohammed Rashed, CEO of MRB. "Our team has worked diligently to put all the necessary operating requirements in place, optimize energy usage, improve efficiency, and maintain the buildings to maximize the return on investment."

One of the flagship projects in the campaign is the Cloud Clinics, the first integrated healthcare facility of its kind in Assiut Governorate. MRB's expertise has been instrumental in implementing the clinic's operations to provide comprehensive medical services to the local community and surrounding areas.

The advertising campaign also includes two other exciting developments: Mobi Zone, the first mobile accessories mall in Assiut, and Speedy, the first integrated car accessory mall serving the entire governorate.

"As we look to the future, MRB is excited to expand its real estate consulting services to more governorates across Egypt," added Eng. Rashed. "We are currently working on projects in New Damietta, Qena, and Assiut, demonstrating our commitment to supporting sustainable growth and development in various regions of the country."

This partnership between MRB and the AL-Masria Development Company in Assiut Governorate marks a significant milestone in the real estate industry, showcasing the value of professional management and operations expertise in ensuring the success of major projects.