Dubai, UAE: In cooperation with Al Wasl University, and in the presence of a group of academics, researchers, and officials, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library announced the launch of five new editions of scientific theses authored by Emirati researchers holding PhDs. These theses will be made available in the library. The library has printed 200 copies of each thesis, with copies allocated to the researchers themselves. This initiative aligns with the library’s ambitious vision to support scientific and knowledge research and enhance its position as a global hub for science and knowledge.

Dr. Mohammed Salem AlMazrooei, Board Member of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library Foundation, emphasized the importance of this initiative in bolstering academic and scientific research in the UAE. AlMazrooei highlighted the library’s commitment to supporting researchers and scientists, helping them achieve their goals, publish their valuable research, and maximize its impact.

AlMazrooei stated: “These publications support the library’s strategic vision to exchange knowledge, publish scientific research, and make it accessible to the community. This initiative aligns with the UAE leadership’s aspirations to achieve a comprehensive development renaissance over the next fifty years.”

He added: “Knowledge is the foundation on which nations are built, and scientific research is the path to prosperity, progress, and the advancement of societies.”

AlMazrooei expressed gratitude to the researchers and academics for their efforts in promoting knowledge and innovation. He emphasized the importance of continuously striving for more accomplishments that stimulate scientific research in the UAE.

Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Abdul Rahman, Director of Al Wasl University, commented: “The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is spearheading a cultural enlightenment project that contributes to publishing the works of Emirati researchers, especially young ones. This showcases their impact on knowledge production in the UAE, the region, and across the world.” 

Abdul Rahman also underscored Al Wasl University’s commitment to collaborating with scientific, research, and cultural institutions and entities, such as the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, as part of the university’s strategic goals. He highlighted the ongoing cooperation between the library and the university in multiple fields, including the printing of scientific theses and the organization of specialized conferences in library and information sciences. Abdul Rahman noted that 65% of scientific theses were discussed at the university and published in partnership with various entities.

The titles of the doctoral theses include: “Innovation in Islamic Project Finance” by Haniyeh Ali Mohammad Raisi; “The Image of the Other in the Gulf Novel” by Rehab Alkilani; “Cultural Heritage in Narrative Narration” by Hana Al-Ketbi; “The Human Characteristics in the Gulf and West Novel - A Comparative Study” by Nora Badwawy; and “Coherence and Cohesion in Modern Emirati Poetry - A Linguistic-Textual Approach” by Moza AlMansory.

The event witnessed wide interaction from attendees, as researchers and academics exchanged ideas and experiences, emphasizing the importance of supporting academic institutions in promoting scientific research. Researchers expressed their gratitude to the library for its support, noting that such initiatives stimulate scientific research and encourage further studies that benefit humanity.


About Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library was founded by Law No. (14) of 2016 Establishing the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Library, as part of His Highness's vision to develop a knowledge-based society in Dubai and across the UAE. The Library has become one of the most ambitious cultural and knowledge based initiatives in the Arab World.

MBRL aims to spark the passion for knowledge across all social groups in the UAE, especially the youth, in addition to the conservation and promotion of Arabic literature, culture and heritage by supporting and promoting reading, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This is reached through offering free access to a unique collection of books and other knowledge resources, as well as providing high-quality information services and launching leading cultural events.