Connect Services Middle East, the largest provider of company setup services in the UAE, now accepts cryptocurrency payments from its clients. Consequently, becoming the first organization in the United Arab Emirates to take this trending currency as an alternative. In this way, Connect Services Middle East is backing the government's desire to establish the UAE as a global center for cryptocurrency.

As a result, with this innovative move, Connect Services Middle East is reiterating that it is the best provider in the business industry. Consequently, they are developing and making every effort to make their business setup in Dubai and support services fair, practical, and available to local and international investors.

What was the reason behind this decision?

Giving investors more options will speed up the process of forming a firm, which is the main reason for accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. As a result, Connect Middle East actively promotes the local economy by giving more options to entrepreneurs. Additionally, including this new payment option, will strengthen the UAE's status as a center for cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, to achieve this, the regional government is fomenting businesses involved in business formation, like Connect Services Middle East, to use cryptocurrencies more frequently. As a result, investors from all over the world can visit the area and use cryptocurrency to obtain firm setup solutions with Connect Services Middle East.

“Connect Services Middle East will be gladly doing everything in its hands to institute this new alternative; so we can support the UAE with their purpose of becoming a global crypto hub. In addition, by introducing this alternative we can give investors from any country the chance to acquire our business setup services; then, they can establish their businesses and expand in the region”; says Aaron Portero, Managing Director of Connect Services Middle East.

What are the expected results?

Connect Services Middle East is also formally embracing cryptocurrencies as a new form of payment so it can cement its position as a leader in technological innovation. Likewise, this action can be highlighted as a greater effort to promote the regional economy. Allowing foreign investors to begin and develop new initiatives while making investments in the UAE.

In the same way, Connect Services Middle East hopes to use its influence to encourage other companies in the industry to accept cryptocurrencies. Increasing the UAE's chances of becoming the world's center for cryptocurrencies. Lastly, pushing the UAE to continue being the primary economic innovation region; while also sustaining its position as a multicultural investment scene.

As more people accept it as a form of payment, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular on a global scale. Recent research has revealed that every day, people do more than 300.000 Bitcoin transactions worldwide. Placing it as one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. As a result, both its value and popularity are constantly rising. This is one of the many ways Connect Services Middle East is attempting to reimagine the process of business formation in the UAE this particular year.  For more details visit here:-