Dubai, UAE - As the MENA Fintech Association continues to further carve out its place in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of fintech, the organization is thrilled to welcome Bryan Zhang to its Advisory Board (Academic). With his extensive background in researching financial and regulatory innovation globally, Bryan's appointment is set to provide a fresh perspective on the fintech industry in the MENA region.

Bryan Zhang, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, brings with him a wealth of experience in the global fintech landscape. Having co-authored more than 50 influential industry and policy reports over the last decade, covering a wide range of topics from crowdfunding, marketplace lending, digital assets, green finance, open banking and regulatory innovation, Bryan's appointment is a testament to his exceptional expertise and knowledge of the field.

As a valuable addition to the Advisory Board, Bryan's insights on emerging market trends, global opportunities and risks, regulatory changes and supervisory innovation, policymaking and digital financial inclusion will undoubtedly be beneficial in helping to shape the future of fintech in the MENA region. His appointment is a clear indication of the association's commitment to empowering the fintech industry through networking, advocacy, and knowledge sharing and building stronger ties with global Academia.

"We are excited to have Bryan join the MENA Fintech Association's Advisory Board (Academic), who has been a vital part of MFTA with his ongoing contributions and his extensive network," said Nameer Khan, Chairman & Founding Board Member of the MENA Fintech Association. "His appointment reflects our ongoing efforts to bring together not just industry experts and innovators but also leading academia to drive knowledge, growth, and success in the fintech sector."

“FinTech holds tremendous potential to widen the access to finance for millions of consumers and SMEs across the MENA region. I am delighted to join the Advisory Board of the MENA FinTech Association and contribute as an Academic Advisor to promote evidence-based decision-making, innovator-regulator dialogue and cross-regional collaboration, which are necessary to create a sustainable and inclusive FinTech ecosystem.”, said Bryan Zhang.

With the MENA Fintech Association leading the way in creating an open and collaborative ecosystem for fintech stakeholders, Bryan's appointment is yet another step in the association's mission to empower the fintech industry in the MENA region to succeed and flourish.

About the MENA Fintech Association

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