The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) distributed ‘Smart Reading Library’ bags to schools across the UAE in line with the ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative. The initiative comes in alignment with the MBRF’s continuous efforts to support the educational sector and institutions by ensuring the availability of Arabic language books and children’s stories to encourage a reading and learning culture among various segments of society. Furthermore, it signifies the MBRF’s commitment to motivating both Arab and non-Arab students to learn the Arabic language. The bags were distributed at Hartland International School Dubai and the Dubai English Speaking School & College (DESSC). In the next phase, it will be expanded to more schools.

The initiative is a testament to the MBRF’s endeavor to support and empower children to build a better future for themselves and their community by offering a wider range of knowledge resources and valuable content. The Smart Reading Library bags contained a wide array of unique educational books, colorful storybooks in Arabic, paintings, educational cards, and a smart pen that reads and teaches children the accurate pronunciation of words, to encourage Arabic curricula in schools. These materials hold a pivotal role in developing advanced learning skills among children and motivating them to read innovatively as per their age, ultimately opening vast avenues of knowledge.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, said: “Through this initiative, we continue our mission of spreading knowledge, supporting education, and promoting innovation. It is a vital step in our efforts towards reinforcing the Arabic language position among youth and enhancing the overall educational curricula. We seek to offer the necessary tools and resources to make the process of learning the Arabic language more enjoyable for children, improve their academic abilities, and expand their opportunities. We strongly believe that investing in education and knowledge is a contribution made for a better future, and these Smart Reading Library bags come as part of it to attain wider goals.”

Shamsa Al Blooshi, Head of the “Bil Arabi” Initiative, said: “The initiative to distribute Smart Reading Library bags aligns with our steadfast commitment to offer educational and knowledge opportunities to all children and contribute to realizing the UAE’s vision of building a future based on knowledge and education. It seeks to accelerate the development of society and qualify it to meet global challenges.” Furthermore, she highlighted that the MBRF recognizes the relevance of empowering children to access learning and reading sources, along with the MBRF’s efforts to support education through active participation in initiatives and projects that aid in the advancement of cognitive skills and abilities in children.

The initiative received a remarkable response from both students and teachers, who expressed their deep gratitude for receiving this unique educational bag. It encourages students to learn and excel in academic fields, thus instilling the value of knowledge in them. Additionally, it motivates the educational staff to continue their relentless efforts to create an ambitious and curious generation.

Commenting on the thoughtful gesture from the MBRF, Nadine Ramadan, Head of the Arabic Language and Islamic Education Department at Hartland School in Dubai, said: “The teaching staff and students at our school received this gift with utmost gratitude and affection. We believe that such valuable educational resources provided by the Bil Arabi initiative will motivate us to advance the educational system at our school.”

On the other hand, Nahed Atasi, Head of the Arabic Language Department for Non-Native Speakers at DESSC, said: “On behalf of the school and our teaching staff, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for this effort by the MBRF, which has always significantly contributed to the UAE’s educational sector through its remarkable knowledge initiatives. We strongly believe that these bags will contribute to motivating our students to be creative and to learn the language.”

The Bil Arabi initiative is a strategic knowledge initiative that aligns with the UAE’s efforts to preserve the Arabic language and reinforce its vital role as a key means of communication and comprehension in the current world. The initiative aims to reach all groups of society, both Arabic-speaking and non-Arabic-speaking communities within and outside the country, as part of its unwavering commitment to promote Arab identity among young individuals and strengthen their sense of belonging to their language and culture.


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