Muscat: As part of its aim to enhance quality standards and provide fresh and healthy products to the local market and the region, Mazoon Dairy is working to implement the highest international standards in managing its dairy cow farms by employing the latest technologies in the field of animal care.

Mazoon’s farm in the Wilayat of Al-Sunainah, in Al Buraimi Governorate, contains an integrated set of facilities equipped with the latest technologies that guarantees a fresh, high-quality product from raw milk. These facilities include a number of uniquely designed barns that ensure the temperature remains stable throughout the year at 25 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for cows.

Dr. Khalfan Ali Al Tamsi, Farm Support Manager at Mazoon said, “Our farm has 16 barns equipped with the latest technologies. Each barn accommodates 600 dairy cows. In addition to the barns, there is an integrated automated milking parlour, which has a capacity of 1,000 cows per hour, which is characterised by an automated sterilised production line without human intervention during the various stages of milking. In addition to the milking parlour, there is also an integrated laboratory which supervises the examination of fresh milk samples to ensure its high quality before sending it to the manufacturing stage.”

“On the other side of the farm, there is a feed depot with the latest automated equipment to mix the feed and nutritional supplements that the cows need for balanced healthy growth, which is ultimately reflected in the quality of the milk. Next to the feed depot, there are calve incubators, which take care of young calves and raises them as required until they grow and reach the stage of insemination,” he added.

Abdulhamid Al Sarmi, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager said, “Our strategy is based on enhancing our market share by providing high quality products without any harmful industrial inputs to health, which has in turn contributed over the past few years to enhancing the company’s reputation among competitors. This is in line with our aspiration of enhancing food security in this sector through a totally local company such as Mazoon Dairy.”

The company's operations began in 2019, and during this period, the size of the company's cattle herd grew from 3,400 heads to more than 10,000 heads by the end of May 2022, which enabled the company to cover the needs of the local market. The company also plans to increase the size of this herd to 25,000 heads by 2028 to cover the increasing demand in the local market, in addition to the company's plans for regional expansion.