Doha, Qatar: Masraf Al Rayan has partnered with ProgressSoft to implement the Payments Hub platform, aiming to seamlessly integrate with Qatar Central Bank's instant payment service, "Fawran”, showcasing the bank's commitment to advancement and providing advanced financial solutions to its clientele. "Fawran" is the instant payment initiative developed by Qatar Central Bank, establishing a national platform for immediate transactions, facilitating continuous financial operations. Users can easily transfer and receive funds using various identifiers such as mobile numbers, aliases, or IBANs, across diverse payment channels, ensuring simplified transactions and increased customer satisfaction. This service represents a pioneering initiative in digital payment and transfer operations in the Qatari Riyal currency, aimed at enhancing the banking experience.

Furthermore, "Fawran" reflects significant progress in Qatar's digital payment infrastructure, seamlessly aligning with the Third Financial Sector Strategy, and heralding a new era in banking characterized by flexibility and enhanced accessibility to banking services. The integration between Masraf Al Rayan and "Fawran" has been made possible through ProgressSoft's Payments Hub platform, flawlessly connecting the bank's internal banking systems and channels across the internet and other payment networks, leading to a noticeable increase in operational efficiency.

Mr. Omar Al Emadi, Group Chief Business Officer of Masraf Al Rayan commented: "ProgressSoft's Payments Hub platform has played a vital role in our successful integration with “Fawran”, positively impacting our transactions to be readily available to our customers, ensuring a distinctive banking experience for them. In this context, we affirm our commitment to making positive changes in the financial landscape, and we are delighted to have ProgressSoft as our technological partner on this journey."

The Payments Hub platform is expected to revolutionize Masraf Al Rayan's operations without the need for major changes to its current systems. By enhancing the transition process in accordance with ISO 20022 quality standards, the platform ensures the bank's compliance with the latest industry regulations while providing more room for innovative services.

On the other hand, Mr. Amjad Zawyani, Country Manager of ProgressSoft Qatar spoke about the collaboration with Masraf Al Rayan, stating, "Our ongoing partnership with Masraf Al Rayan is a testament to our shared goals of driving innovation in the banking sector in Qatar. The seamless integration of our advanced platform with “Fawran” represents an additional milestone in our collaborative journey with banking and financial institutions."

Moreover, the established collaboration between Masraf Al Rayan and ProgressSoft underscores their shared commitment to banking excellence, prioritizing customer satisfaction by continually providing them with innovative services and setting unprecedented standards in the financial field in Qatar.


About Masraf Al Rayan

Masraf Al Rayan is one of the world’s largest fully-fledged Shari’a-compliant banks founded in Qatar. With operations across Qatar, UK, France, as well as UAE, and with assets exceeding QAR 164 billion Masraf Al Rayan offers a wide range of products and services through its various channels along its diverse business lines including Corporate Banking & SME, Retail & Private Banking, Treasury & Financial Institutions and Asset Management & Financial Advisory in conformity with Shari’a principles and supervised by the Shari’a Supervisory Board. As a sustainably conscious organization, Masraf Al Rayan launched Qatar’s first Shari’a-compliant Green Deposit and Islamic Sustainable Finance framework. Masraf Al Rayan’s has 16 Branches and 112 ATMs located throughout Qatar's major cities, including malls, traditional souqs, and business districts. Additionally, it offers 24/7banking services via its state of the art digital channels web and mobile banking. 

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About ProgressSoft Corporation

ProgressSoft Corporation is a leading provider of real-time payment and financial solutions tailored to the needs of the financial sector.

Founded in 1989, ProgressSoft’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction has earned it a loyal customer base of more than 370 banks, central banks, payment service providers and financial institutions in 25 countries.

ProgressSoft offers a suite of payment and financial solutions that cater to the evolving needs of financial institutions. These solutions include instant payments, payments hub, digital banking, electronic know your customer and electronic check solutions. This is in addition to buy now pay later, real-time gross settlement and automated clearing house among others.

Today, ProgressSoft is a globally trusted and reliable partner for automating and enhancing the efficiency of payment, clearing, settlement and financial systems, with its solutions recognized for their excellence in innovation and efficiency.

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