Manama, the Kingdom of Bahrain: Khaleeji Bank, one of the leading Islamic Banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has announced the new edition of “Al Waffer” account, offering significant cash prizes to clients. The 2024 edition will feature 9 grand prizes and 35 monthly prizes totalling to more than USD 3 million to be drawn throughout the year.

This year's edition of the "Al Waffer" account offers even larger cash prizes, including a USD 1 million prize for one winner to be drawn in December 2024. There are also eight prizes worth USD 250,000 each to be drawn separately in March, May, July, and September, while four of them will be drawn in December all at once.

Stemming from its commitment to rewarding its clients by offering valuable and exclusive cash prizes, Khaleeji has also increased the number of raffles for the   "Al Waffer Club", including five monthly prizes worth USD 10,000 each for club members, totalling to 35 prizes throughout the year. This enhances Khaleeji clients’ banking experience and underscores the bank’s dedication to providing exceptional opportunities for its clients.

On this occasion, Ms. Ameera Ahmed Al Abbasi, Head of Retail Banking, underlined the exclusive benefits offered by the new edition of the “Al Waffer” account to clients, stating: “We are delighted to announce the cash prize package allocated to “Al Waffer” clients in its new edition for this year, which includes 44 prizes worth more than USD 3 million. This reflects the bank’s commitment to continuously develop the account, raise the value of allocated prizes, and launch many special benefits for clients. By increasing the value of cash prizes, we aim to make the process of saving and investing in the account smoother and more rewarding for our clients.”

Elaborating further, Ms. Al Abbasi reiterated the bank’s keenness to provide exceptional and profitable opportunities through the “Al Waffer Club”, explaining: “Based on our firm commitment to enhancing our offered products and services, we constantly strive to provide our clients with exclusive benefits and prizes. We are proud to offer additional monthly raffles for the “Al Waffer Club”, an exclusive club that grants exceptional prizes and benefits to clients who deposit BD 5,000 or more into their “Al Waffer” account.”

Ms. Al Abbasi concluded saying “We are pleased to invite our existing and new clients to take advantage of this opportunity and open an “Al Waffer” account, or make additional deposits via the Khaleeji App in a swift and seamless manner, or at one of the bank's branches to qualify for a chance to win one of our valuable prizes this year. We wish all depositors the best of luck.”

The “Al Waffer” account is a Shari’a-compliant investment account based on the principles of “Absolute Mudarabah”. The account can be opened with a minimum amount of BD 500, while entry points into raffles will be calculated for every BD 25 in the account. Clients can benefit from the Double Points System during raffles if their account balance is maintained or increased without conducting any withdrawals for more than 90 days before the raffle’s date.

For more information about the “Al Waffer” account, please visit the account’s webpage on the bank’s website or contact Khaleeji Bank’s Call Center on 17540054.