Amman, Jordan — As part of its strategy for corporate social responsibility, Joramco, the Jordanian aircraft maintenance company and engineering arm of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), has opened the hospitality branch building in Al-Giza Secondary Comprehensive School for Boys. In the presence of Ahmed Al-Massafah, the Director of Education for the Giza District, and a team from the company's management and school officials, the building underwent a complete renovation and maintenance, including the restoration of other facilities.

The opening came after completing all the maintenance and renovation it conducted on the department. This included tasks such as painting, electrical maintenance, and maintenance of other facilities and classrooms. In addition, Joramco provided the department with the necessary tools and supplies to enhance the educational environment such as school whiteboards, curtains, fans, lighting units, school benches, and water coolers.

Fraser Currie, Joramco’s Chief Executive Officer, has stated that this initiative demonstrates the company's dedication to fulfilling its responsibilities towards the local community and embracing its operational headquarters. This is also viewed as one of the company's efforts to support education and students, as it firmly believes that promoting education in public schools is a shared responsibility that is mandatory for everyone. The company aims to contribute to the country's progress by actively participating in producing distinguished generations in various fields.

At the conclusion of the opening ceremony, the company received a discretionary shield for its efforts in supporting government initiatives aimed at providing suitable and engaging educational environments to enhance academic achievement.