The International Medical Center in Jeddah received a Cleaning Industry Management Standards certificate (CIMS). It is the very first Saudi hospital to win this certificate with honors from ISSA, the global pioneer organization in cleaning.

With this certificate, the IMC adds to its accomplishments a new international acknowledgement that enhances its proud record of international and local accreditations, awards, and certificates. These achievements testify to IMC's adherence to high standards in all its operations that ultimately aim at serving the patients and visitors by following the best international medical standards for treatment. This entails applying all the available supportive means, leading all the way to the ultimate goal of achieving the wellness of all, God willing.

ISSA Global grants this two-year certificate according to a set of sustainable hygiene service standards and based on superior quality standards.

To obtain a CIMS certificate, the IMC underwent a thorough assessment by a third-party certified auditor. During the review phases, IMC demonstrated its application of the five core principles of adopted standards and its compliance therewith, including quality systems, delivery service, human resources, health and safety, environmental supervision and, finally, management commitment.

The Cleaning Industry Management Standards (CIMS) certificate, developed by the world's leading cleaning organization ISSA, reflects an exemplary standard for integrated management and end-to-end processes for relevant organizations around the world. The certificate was designed to assist cleaning organizations in a comprehensive understanding of customer service requirements, in addition to encouraging service providers to manage their organizations in a manner that relies on quality assurance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in an integrated manner.