High-growth, UAE-headquartered independent advisory firm, Hoxton Capital Management has announced it has reached $1.6 billion (€1.4bn, £1.2bn) in assets under management (AUM).

Hoxton Capital Management specialises in providing strategic wealth management, investment solutions, and retirement planning to international investors, particularly expatriates, worldwide.

The announcement comes as the company celebrates its sixth anniversary following its inception in the UAE in April 2018, under the leadership of British, former deVere Group advisor, Chris Ball. 

The company has grown to 300 staff in size, with offices in the UAE, UK, USA, Europe, Australia and South Africa. 

Chris Ball, Managing Partner at Hoxton Capital Management explains: “Reaching the $1.6bn AUM milestone is a proud moment for everyone involved in the business and a huge indication of the sheer determination and ambition demonstrated across our team.  

“To get to such a large AUM figure in such a short space of time is down to always trying to put our clients first and offering a unique fee-based service to our clients globally.

“We are absolutely committed to hiring the best people we can and helping our colleagues to grow and achieve their professional and personal goals. The last six years since starting Hoxton alongside our senior leadership team have been a life-changing experience, we have all learned and developed so much - and I am very excited about what the future holds.”

Hoxton Capital Management recently launched its own app, Hoxton Wealth that allows anyone free, real-time access to their entire net worth on their mobile phone wherever they are in the world. 

The company believes that the app, Hoxton Wealth, will be the first time that free, real-time access to assets globally has been made available on a single platform.

Discussing Hoxton Wealth, Chris continues: “We have heavily invested in developing our own best-in-class technology, with Hoxton Wealth, created by our own team, being the latest example of this commitment.

“Technology is at the forefront of everything we do, at Hoxton we have embraced this and have been developing our proposition since 2019.  We have moved from an IFA to a Wealth Tech-enabled business.

“Wealth is no good to anyone if it’s not accessible to everyone. This is an idea I genuinely believe, and one that has been realised in the launch of our Hoxton Wealth app.

“The app will be the first time that people can access their assets at any time for free. All of which can be viewed on a single platform, which is a long way of saying that no matter where you are in the world - you will always have access to your wealth and knowledge of your net worth.

“Everyone has the power to generate wealth, but not everyone has the tools to make informed decisions that generate that wealth. The Hoxton Wealth app is going to change that.

“We will be continuously updating and upgrading the functionality of the app going forward and ensuring it is the best we can be.  Hoxton Capital has made huge strides to turn into the Wealth Tech-enabled business that we are today and we are really excited to see what opportunities this brings for our clients and staff.”