• These awards reinforce our commitment to our values and our leading position in serving all segments of the community.
  • We are proud to consistently engage and communicate with the community during various occasions.
  • We have initiated numerous community events and initiatives that cater to the aspirations of our customers and the public.
  • The "Sawa’ed AlKhaleej" team actively participates in various events organized or supported by the bank.
  • The bank contributes significantly to raising awareness through its "Diraya" and "A Step Towards Change" campaigns.

Euromoney magazine has named Gulf Bank the best in Kuwait for social responsibility. The announcement was made at a grand ceremony in Dubai last weekend, where the 2024 Excellence Awards were presented. The event was attended by numerous companies, banks, and major institutions from the region.

This award recognizes Gulf Bank's outstanding commitment to social sustainability, as well as its significant efforts in supporting and empowering youth, women, and individuals with special needs, both within the bank and in the broader community. These efforts are evident through a diverse and carefully curated range of initiatives and services designed to meet their needs and aspirations.

International Recognition

On this occasion, Gulf Bank’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Najla Al-Eisa, said in a press statement after receiving the award, "We are delighted with this new international recognition of Gulf Bank's outstanding role in social responsibility. This honor strengthens our determination and commitment to our values and our leading role in serving the community."

She added, "We take pride in our close engagement and communication with the community. We ensure our presence among them during various events, whether directly through diverse activities or via media and social media channels."

She noted that Gulf Bank has launched numerous community events and initiatives that meet the aspirations of customers and the public from different segments and age groups, making it deservedly the closest and most responsive to the community's interests. She mentioned that the “Sawa’ed AlKhaleej” team, a volunteer group of Gulf Bank employees, actively supports our efforts to promote social sustainability principles at the various events organized or sponsored by Gulf Bank.

Social Initiatives

Al-Eisa highlighted some of the social initiatives and events that Gulf Bank has launched or sponsored recently. These include the ninth edition of the Gulf Bank Marathon, the only marathon in Kuwait with international recognition, and the 18th consecutive sponsorship of the Company Program competition, organized annually by INJAZ Kuwait. Additionally, Gulf Bank organized the third edition of the Datathon competition to empower data specialists, students, and those interested in data and analytics. They also sponsored the "Kilmitain" forum to support creative industries in Kuwait.

She remarked that in Ramadan 2024, the bank organized and sponsored several significant initiatives, such as distributing thousands of Iftar meals, providing Ramadan food packages, donating to those affected by the war in Gaza, and organizing "Nuqsat Al-Khaleej" to support small and medium-sized enterprises, among other successful events.

Promoting Awareness

Furthermore, Al-Eisa emphasized Gulf Bank's significant role in enhancing financial literacy through its continued support for the "Diraya" awareness campaign, now in its fourth consecutive year. This campaign, organized by the Banking Association in collaboration with the Central Bank of Kuwait, aims to promote financial education. Additionally, Gulf Bank launched the "A Step Towards Change" campaign, with the goal of instigating a cultural shift towards reducing plastic usage.

Al-Eisa concluded by stating, "Gulf Bank has set a distinguished example of sustainability within the community. This is evident through initiatives such as the issuance of its annual Sustainability Report and the recent launch of an ambitious Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) governance strategy spanning from 2024 to 2030. This strategy serves as a clear roadmap for the next six years."

It's worth mentioning that "MEED" magazine recently honored Gulf Bank with two awards, acknowledging its endeavors in implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives and empowering women in the MENA region.

Gulf Bank's vision is to be the leading Kuwaiti Bank of the Future. The Bank is constantly engaging and empowering its employees as part of an inclusive and diversified workplace in recognition of every employee’s role in delivering customer excellence and serving the community at large. With its extensive network of branches and innovative digital services, Gulf Bank is able to give its customers the choice of how and where to conduct their banking transactions, all while ensuring a simple and seamless banking experience.

Gulf Bank is committed to maintaining robust developments in sustainability at environmental, social and governance levels through diverse sustainability initiatives, strategically selected to benefit the Bank both internally and externally. Gulf Bank supports Kuwait Vision 2035 “New Kuwait” and works with various parties to achieve it.