Press Release


Muscat, January 24 2023: In line with ahlibank’s principle of offering innovative products and services to its customers, which support their saving and money management goals in a sustainable manner, the “Wafra Plus” account is a daily return account that offers many benefits such as competitive rates, debit cards, and more. It enables new and existing customers to better develop their financial resources on a daily basis. This comes as part of ahlibank’s efforts to provide a suite of banking products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.

The ‘Wafra Plus’ Daily Growth Account is a savings account that pays up to 1.75% interest per year on the daily balance in the account. At the end of each day, the benefit is compounded and credited to the clients' accounts. Key benefits for Wafra Plus accountholders include up to 1.75% interest p.a. in competitive benefits, compounded advantages on a daily basis, unlimited transactions on the account, and benefits being credited to the account every day. As per the scheme, ahlibank will offer interest rates ranging from 1.00% (for deposits up to Omani Riyals 9,999) to 1.75% (for deposits of Omani Riyals 100,000 and more), depending on the deposit amounts.

“The "Wafra Plus" account comes in line with the comprehensive growth strategy of ahlibank. We at ahlibank are always keen to encourage smart and sustainable money management in all our operations, and the "Wafra Plus" account comes as a good example of that, as it supports our customers' efforts to save in a simple and effective way that meets their goals and aspirations. By enhancing our existing suite of products and services, we are always looking to develop solutions that suit the lifestyles of our customers” said Muneer Al Balushi, AGM – Head of Retail Distribution.

With Wafra Plus, customers can use 24x7 cash management via digital channels or the branch network; they are nzzot only able to make unlimited transactions, but are also able to augment their savings with competitive perks that are compounded and paid on a daily basis. As a result, advantages are available to customers as withdrawals or compounded benefits in their accounts.

“Customers' financial strength will be enhanced not only by the availability of limitless withdrawals, but also by the intrinsic savings culture it fosters, as it is designed as a straightforward and easy-to-maintain service. The 'Daily' prefix on the product indicates the Bank's desire to instill financial competency in its customers, who will now be able to earn more on a daily basis. We strongly encourage our current and prospective customers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow their finances while enjoying the peace and security that comes with it,” added Muneer Al Balushi.

ahlibank’s experienced team of professionals constantly keep their eyes and ears on the market to understand and assess customer choices and feedback. This helps the bank deep dive into key trends, and needs of customers , enabling thought through product innovation. The latest 'Daily Multiplier Account' reiterates ahlibank’s belief that innovation is the key to progress.

ahlibank offers a wide portfolio of innovative banking products and services to the traditional and Islamic sectors. For more information about the new account service, customers can contact Ahli Connect at 24577177 or visit the bank's website