Dubai - launched in Dubai earlier this year, followed by Turkey and looking to expand further across Asia and started operations in Australia., headed by Alexander Sapov, is the world’s largest global travel mobility marketplace, meaning that the customer gets a customized experience, while the driver gets to pick their price. Moreover, in April 2022 the transfer marketplace announced as low as 5 % commission rate for drivers, in support of worldwide driver communities.

Unlike other taxi or transfer service companies, has recorded the lowest commission rate across the world so far, compared to other ride hailing companies which take up to 40 % commission from their drivers. Moreover, when it comes to choosing the ride or transfer, clients get to choose traditional what, where, when and even can select how much. The company is seeking further MENA and Asia expansion, across the GCC and other MENA regions that are in demand of transport services.

Alexander Sapov believes that when it comes to dynamic pricing mobility like anything else in life, the balance is key. Meaning that both the driver and customer should be satisfied with the commission terms and motivation, “Our aim is to offer the best taxi and transfer prices, especially considering the current energy price fluctuations. We want to support all our driver communities around the world with our low commission rates, whilst giving our drivers the flexibility to choose the price they want to charge, and the trip they would like to take”. is considered one of the most sustainable transfer and travel companies in the world. Offering first class service, best price warranty pricing and a wide array of vehicles and vans. It currently operates in over 180 countries and offers services with over 1000 airports, across the globe.