• Hosting 75 brands, including AT&T, Apple, Google and Sony Playstation, the platform will be available in 180 different countries, with consumers able to shop in 17 different languages
  • Offers the possibility for budget control, as consumers spend what they have put on the card
  • Privacy of personal banking and payment details for safe spending worldwide 
  • Recharge.com is set to become global prepaid marketplace leader 

LONDON, AMSTERDAM: European branded payments company Recharge.com today announced the launch of a one-stop global marketplace for people to buy branded gift cards and mobile top-up cards in a move to become the leading digital payments and branded payments player in the world. 

The fast-growing fintech firm, which specialises in the distribution of digital gift and prepaid cards for local and global brands, including Netflix, Spotify and Xbox, has hailed the new card as a milestone for the company, which is on track to transform itself from a branded payments firm into a global prepaid payments platform for leading financial services products.

Hosting 75 brands, including AT&T, Apple, Google and Sony Playstation, the platform will be available in 180 different countries, with consumers able to shop in 17 different languages. Unlike competitors focused on one particular category of retail, the platform launches as a truly one-stop shop hosting credit, gaming, entertainment, shopping, prepaid money, and more. 

With this move, the firm is emerging as a specialist company enabling consumers to have the opportunity to buy gift cards and these branded payment cards across an impressive range of categories. To date, the fast-growing fintech firm has become one of the world’s leading payments distributors of prepaid cards, with annual revenues of over 500 million euros. 

The firm is also reinventing the concept of the prepaid card to enable consumers to control their budgets and security online, promoting the idea of Pay Now Buy Later (PNBL), which enables upfront prepaid payments so consumers can buy a product or asset in the future. PNBL increases the amount of control people have over their money management and gives much more financial visibility by indicating exactly how much they are earning and spending each month.

By using prepaid cards for their subscriptions and daily needs, customers also have added protection over their financial details, as cybersecurity and identity theft only continue to increase worldwide. 

Commenting on the launch, Günther Vogelpoel, CEO of Recharge.com, said:  “This is an exciting new move for the company as we become the world’s one-stop shop for branded payments. We are proud to offer the broadest possible choice to a huge range of consumers worldwide while helping people to protect their details online. We are also thrilled to lead the way in helping people manage their household budgets and spending during uncertain times.”

Recharge.com initially entered the scene as a mobile top-up card company before becoming a one-stop shop for various categories of branded payments, including call credit, data bundles, shopping, entertainment, gaming, and prepaid money. 

They have set themselves apart from other competitors with their focus on developing global as well as local products for people to choose from and customer service support in both English and the language of the nations they do business in. 


About Recharge.com

Recharge.com is the European leader in online consumer-branded payments. Operating in over 150 markets around the world the company processes millions of online transactions annually connecting customers with leading global brands. Through a broad selection of digital vouchers & prepaid money from brands including CASHU, paysafecard, Apple, Google and PlayStation alongside cross-border remittances of call, data credits and more, Recharge.com's digital platform improves customer outcomes and disrupts traditional players across the globe. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Recharge.com is one of Europe's fastest-growing technology companies, having raised over $70m in primary, secondary and debt transactions from investors including Prime Ventures, SmartFin, Kreos Capital and Rabobank. Today over 3 million people use Recharge.com to process over $500m of payments every year.

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