• The flagship showroom incorporates cutting-edge customer experience and service concepts, combining contemporary design with integrated physical and digital elements.

United Arab Emirates: EXEED, the premium automotive brand exclusively represented by Al Ghurair Motors, is proud to announce the grand opening of its flagship showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road on 7 June 2024. Marking a significant milestone for the premium brand's accelerated growth, EXEED SUVs are quickly dominating UAE roads, resonating with the discerning tastes of customers within the UAE’s luxury automotive market.

Commemorating the opening of EXEED’s flagship showroom, the state-of-the-art facility was inaugurated by esteemed Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. representatives, and EXEED stakeholders, including John Iossifidis, Group Chief Executive Officer, Saif Al Ghurair, Zhang Guibing, Executive Vice President of Chery Automobile & President of Chery International, Zhang Jinsong, President Assistant of Chery Automobile.

Situated in the bustling Gold & Diamond Park on Sheikh Zayed Road, and spanning 475 sqm, the flagship showroom introduces the automotive brand’s pioneering customer experience and service concept, blending modern aesthetics to provide customers with a warm, welcoming atmosphere and an engaging environment. This setup ensures a seamless experience for customers looking to purchase premium SUVs. Car enthusiasts and drivers seeking their next purchase can choose from EXEED’s dynamic model range including the exceptionally crafted TXL, the luxuriously designed VX, the stylish LX, and the sleek RX, enabling visitors a firsthand experience of EXEED’s advanced engineering and design.

Commenting on the new showroom opening, John Iossifidis, Group Chief Executive Officer EXEED by Al Ghurair Motors says: "The opening of our flagship showroom in Dubai underscores the growing success and demand for EXEED by Al Ghurair Motors in the UAE. Our strategic expansion caters to the increasing interest in our luxury vehicles in the Emirates. Our vehicles embody the perfect blend of luxury and innovation, designed to meet the diverse needs of discerning drivers. This milestone marks a significant step forward in our ongoing mission to establish a distinctive presence in the UAE.”

EXEED by Al Ghurair Motors Showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road, marks the premium automotive brand's third showroom opening in the UAE and second in Dubai within 12 months of its launch in the Emirates automotive sector. Prospective buyers can now test drive and purchase the vehicles at their convenience. Moreover, in response to the surging demand for premium vehicles, EXEED will continue its expansion across the UAE with upcoming showroom openings and electric vehicle and hybrid model launches.

To learn more about these offers and to arrange test drives, please visit the Dubai showrooms in Gold Diamond Park, opposite Equity Metro Station and D74, Al Ittihad Road – Al Khabaisi - Dubai, Abu Dhabi showroom – Corniche Street - Al Khalidiyah - Abu Dhabi. For inquiries please contact the EXEED team at 600 540045 or via the website: www.exeed-uae.com


About EXEED:

EXEED is a new premium brand that combines the centuries-old traditions of European automotive culture with the latest intelligent manufacturing technologies that China is known for today.

Designers and engineers from BMW, Jaguar Land Rover and other European automobile concerns take part in the development of EXEED cars, and the production itself is carried out at the facilities of an enterprise created by a Chinese company together with Jaguar Land Rover.

With a wealth of experience and technical expertise, the European partner ensures identical manufacturing processes and the highest level of quality control across all of its manufacturing sites, including the EXEED vehicle plant in China.

EXEED also cooperates with world-famous automotive component suppliers in the field of component manufacturing, including Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Bosch, Magna, etc.

For more information, please visit: www.exeed-uae.com

About Al Ghurair Motors:

Al Ghurair Motors, formerly known as AG Auto, one of the leading automotive service companies in the region, housed under the Automotive division at Al Ghurair, offers a wide range of high-quality vehicles to customers. Al Ghurair Motors seeks to provide top-notch, reliable and customised services to deliver amazing car-buying experiences and meet a wide variety of consumer preferences. Al Ghurair Motors is renowned for creating best-in-class automotive solutions by leveraging its vast experience, knowledge, and dedication to customer satisfaction.  

Al Ghurair Motors offers a wide selection of vehicles, ranging from luxury sedans to elegant SUVs and effective compact cars in collaboration with renowned global automakers. By providing access to premium brands and models known for their performance, safety features, and cutting-edge technology, the business strives to meet the needs of its diverse consumer base.  

In keeping with Al Ghurair Motors’ stringent commitment to integrity and quality, each vehicle offered is put through rigorous examinations and quality tests, giving customers the confidence that the vehicles they buy will meet the highest industry standards for performance, safety, and longevity.  

Al Ghurair Motors places a high value on achieving excellence in all areas of its business, ensuring that their customers receive great service by being at the forefront of industry developments and consistently improving their processes. Thanks to its continuous commitment to excellence, Al Ghurair Motors has developed a reputation as a reliable dealer of high-quality vehicles and an ideal destination for car enthusiasts. 

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