Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Land Department (DLD) and its judicial arm, the Rental Disputes Center (RDC), recorded a qualitative and unique participation at GITEX Global 2023, whose activities concluded on Friday, 20 October, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. DLD and the RDC presented their pioneering innovations that employed advanced digital technologies to enhance the emirate’s real estate sector.

Dubai Land Department’s stand received many prominent officials in the public and private sectors, who praised its digital services and initiatives. DLD was also honoured by the Dubai Digital Authority for its proactive efforts in empowering Dubai’s competitiveness and digital transformation. The accolade was bestowed during a ceremony that highlighted strategic partners from government entities.

The Metaverse Litigation platform, designed to oversee remote litigation sessions using metaverse technology for the Rental Disputes Center, is a testament to DLD’s commitment to Dubai’s digital transformation and drive to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into its real estate services.

The Department also introduced audiences to many digital services and initiatives, including the Dubai REST app, the smart real estate application for real estate services, and DLD’s “Instant Real Estate Registration Platform in Dubai,’ developed by the Emirates Real Estate Solutions to display real-time transactions across Dubai.

In turn, the Rental Disputes Center highlighted the Judicial Probe service, a groundbreaking concept accessible via the new website that constitutes an integrated court that harnesses the power of AI to offer the complete portfolio of the center’s litigation services without judicial intervention. Also highlighted was the Kashif platform, a digital tool designed to streamline and expedite the execution of judgments. This platform unveils the properties and assets owned by the individual against whom execution is sought through digital integration with various government entities. Furthermore, the RDC provides the Smart Judge service, offering customers access to free legal advice informing them of the rights of all parties involved in a rental relationship before initiating legal proceedings. Additionally, the Rental Good-Conduct certificate allows parties to enquire about the rental status of the other party in the RDC’s system before drafting a lease contract.

Dubai Land Department continues its strategic mission to empower the real estate community through proactive, seamless real estate services; integrated legislation and data; effective partnerships; leading digital infrastructure; and qualified staff; providing an incubating environment for real estate innovation and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and institutional governance.