Dubai – Bacha Coffee at Dubai Mall invites guests to travel through their cups to the original Bacha Coffee location inside the Dar el Bacha Palace of Marrakech. Reminiscent of the era of the brand's founding in 1910, the décor is accented with iconic motifs, meticulously hand-painted features and an ochre-hued coffee wall in true Bacha Coffee fashion.

Bacha Coffee introduces an indoor alfresco concept, seamlessly blending into The Dubai Mall's glamour. Immerse yourself in the refined ambience, offering over 200 hand-selected coffee beans from Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Asia. Choose your preferred beans, expertly ground to order by in-house Coffee Masters for a bespoke brewing experience.

"Bacha Coffee is the product of a rich legacy, a brand that has ripened over storied brews since 1910. Our latest destination will ignite the imagination of our guests in the same way that coffee transports us to faraway destinations. We have combined old and new into one experience, paying homage to the past and inventing the future, with 100% Arabica coffee playing centre stage in this theatre of life," says Taha Bouqdib, President & CEO of V3 Gourmet. "All the senses are at play here, and our coffee is the star."

In the footsteps of filmmaker Charlie Chaplin, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and entertainer Josephine Baker, esteemed guests of today may, too, celebrate the culinary wonders of the Bacha Coffee Room, where a traditional all-day dining menu and delectable filled croissants in six varieties including Pistachio, Lemon and Chocolate Coffee, house-made from only the finest ingredients according to age-old techniques await. Let coffee lead the conversation while exquisite delights beckon you back for more.

Extend the Bacha Coffee experience to your home with beautifully packaged coffees, accessories, gourmet treats, and hampers. Relive cherished coffee moments with Single Origin, Fine Blended, Fine Flavoured, and Naturally CO2 Decaffeinated varieties in purpose-made canisters or single-serve sachets. Explore the world through the Explorer Coffee Bag Taster, or savour the rare Grand Moka Matari Coffee from Yemen in the Signature Nomad Collection.

Enhance your coffee service with the signature Bacha Coffee Pot in Gold and express heartfelt sincerity with hampers featuring biscuits, caramels, or chocolate-covered coffee beans. Complimentary note cards and gift wrapping add a touch of elegance.

Before leaving, visit the Takeaway Counter to savour over 200 coffees prepared in Bacha Coffee's traditional manner, served hot or iced with vanilla bean flecked Chantilly cream, a raw sugar stick, or a reusable glass straw.

Experience a legendary coffee moment only at Bacha Coffee Dubai.