• Training program designed exclusively for Diriyah Company employees, particularly young Saudi talent.
  • Trainees to be provided with a clear path to chartership, providing them with a globally recognized certification.

DIRIYAH: The Diriyah Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to enhance the training and development of Saudi talent. This strategic partnership is set to bolster the transfer of knowledge and expertise – by creating comprehensive learning and development plans, and fostering collaboration across several professional fields within the built environment, governed by RICS standards.

The MoU, signed by Abdullah Al-Othman, Chief Human Capital Officer at Diriyah Company, and Belinda Howell, Executive Director of Regulation & Assurance Operations at RICS, will promote and support the growth of Diriyah’s skilled workforce. The agreement initially targets the training of 15 Saudis from the Diriyah Company team, with the potential to expand beyond that, based on the needs of the organization.

The partnership will exclusively target employees of Diriyah Company, providing necessary training for young Saudi talent, mid-management professionals (both Saudi and non-Saudi), and potentially senior staff. The training program will primarily be conducted in Riyadh through webinars and in-person sessions, minimizing disruption to business operations. There are also opportunities for international training, based on the needs of the organization.

Key areas of collaboration will include training and guidance, facilitating the transfer of knowledge to young Saudi professionals in the fields of Cost and Commercial Management, Project Management, Asset and Facilities Management, Real Estate Advisory, Procurement, and Tendering, highlighting essential business, budgeting, and cost control skills. Professionals within Diriyah Company will also receive advice on the most suitable membership routes, from preparing development plans to overseeing the membership journey of young local talent to support their career development.

A joint working team, comprising representatives from both Diriyah Company and RICS, will be formed to activate areas of collaboration, and will prepare and submit progress reports to both organizations to enable continuous development of the agreed upon programs. Awareness sessions will demonstrate the advantages of RICS membership and the comprehensive courses covering RICS pathway competencies. The MoU will also include a track for building conservation and collaboration on achieving sustainability goals, ensuring that historic buildings are effectively managed, certified, and preserved.

Mr. Jerry Inzerillo, Group CEO of Diriyah Company, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with RICS to bring the immense benefits of their programs to our employees and projects by adopting global standards in training and development. It is a significant step towards enhancing our professional capabilities and ensuring the preservation of Diriyah’s rich heritage.”

Mr. Justin Young, Global CEO of RICS, said: “Our collaboration with the Diriyah Company underscores our commitment to promoting cultural, economic, and professional growth within Saudi Arabia. By supporting Diriyah Company, we aim to highlight the roots of this ancient city and its history across various fields, including culture, arts, and knowledge.”

This MoU aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative, which emphasizes the need to consolidate efforts, simplify procedures, and empower entities to deliver on their responsibilities. Diriyah Company remains committed to transforming Diriyah, The City of Earth, into a global destination enriched with culture, entertainment, education, and arts. Collaborating with government and private agencies, the company aims to contribute to the Kingdom’s cultural and economic development while enhancing the effectiveness of government initiatives.


About Diriyah

Diriyah, Saudi Arabia’s premier historical, cultural, and lifestyle destination, is a key component of Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision. A short 15-minute drive from Riyadh's city center, this 14-square-kilometer development holds historical significance as the birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, dating back to 1727. Currently being developed by Diriyah Company, Diriyah is undergoing a transformation into an authentic Najdi-style mixed-use urban community. Diriyah's centerpiece is At-Turaif, the UNESCO World Heritage Site inscribed in 2010, showcasing the ancient adobe capital city of the First Saudi State, dating back to 1766.

Upon completion, Diriyah will host 100,000 residents, workers, students, and visitors, offering a diverse range of cultural, entertainment, retail, hospitality, educational, and residential spaces. The first of those spaces include Bujairi Terrace, Riyadh’s new premium dining hub with over 20 global and local restaurants and cafes that enjoy uninterrupted views of At-Turaif. Bab Samhan, a Luxury Collection Hotel is the first hospitality offering in Diriyah, providing a tranquil experience with panoramic views of Wadi Hanifah. Diriyah’s development provides a dynamic environment that celebrates Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural history.

About Diriyah Company

Diriyah Company was established in 2023 and joined the Public Investment Fund’s (PIF) portfolio of giga-projects. The Company is responsible for developing the Diriyah project, the birthplace of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its foremost historical, cultural, and lifestyle destination. A dynamic mixed-use developer, Diriyah Company is redefining urban planning to develop Diriyah, “The City of Earth”, while adhering to the highest design, development, and preservation standards. The company ensures Diriyah’s cultural landmarks are complemented by world-class retail offerings, fine-dining experiences, and leading hospitality brands.

As a PIF company, its mission focuses on opportunities in development, hospitality, investment, retail, and office leasing, along with strategic asset management, underscoring the commitment to ensuring successful business outcomes and sustainable growth under the strategic direction of Vision 2030. The Diriyah Company actively forges long-term partnerships to realize its vision of establishing Diriyah as one of the world’s greatest gathering places.