Dubai, UAE: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)’s Women’s Committee and Youth Council organised a forum titled ‘For a Sustainable Future’ during the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) at Expo City Dubai. This is in line with DEWA’s efforts to support and empower women and youth in all fields and encourage them to participate in local and international events, especially those related to sustainability.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, gave an opening speech at the event, which was attended by around 100 youth and female leaders and members of youth councils and women’s committees from several government and private organisations in the UAE. The forum included two discussion panels. The first one titled ‘Women, a Pivotal Partner for Sustainable Development’ highlighted women’s successes in sustainable development, while the second session titled ‘Youth, an Ambitious Vision that Keeps Pace with Tomorrow’ highlighted the role of the youth in sustainable success and achievements.

“In line with the vision of the wise leadership, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) supports the empowerment of women to make the UAE and Dubai a successful model in women empowerment regionally and globally. DEWA is one of the most prominent national organisations supporting women in the energy sector, especially renewable and clean energy. It provides equal opportunities for men and women, focusing on empowering women in senior and technical positions. This makes DEWA a role model for private and public government organisations inside and outside the UAE. There are 1,933 female employees in DEWA. This includes 1,900 female employees in administrative middle and higher management positions. During the Year of Sustainability under the theme ‘Today for Tomorrow’, and as part of our participation as a Principal Pathway Partner of COP28, hosted by the UAE, which has been a pioneer in championing a Youth Climate Champion role for the first time in the history of COP, we continue to promote involving women and youth in all sectors. DEWA has adopted an integrated approach to explore different areas of interest for women, such as self-development and mental and professional growth. This approach resulted in plans and programmes to balance their professional and personal lives and develop their skills to best deal with challenges and take advantage of available opportunities,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer.

“DEWA Women’s Committee has our full support, which reflects our keenness to continue to enable female employees and enhance women’s contributions to climate action. Several of our female employees have achieved prestigious global positions and have made notable contributions to the comprehensive and sustainable development of the UAE as well as national and global efforts to achieve climate ambitions. We are also committed to enhancing youth engagement, actively listening to their perspectives, empowering them with knowledge, technologies, skills, and opportunities, as well as supporting their initiatives in climate action. We seek to nurture them into true partners in nation-building. DEWA is committed to refining Emirati competencies and young talents and developing the capabilities of the next generation of sustainability leaders and young innovators. This is achieved through our partnerships with several notable universities and research centres worldwide. Our innovative programmes promote research and development among the youth, such as Al Baheth programme; Cleantech Youth programme; Tatweer Collaboration Programme; and more. We support DEWA’s Youth Council to continue its active role in creating communication bridges with the youth and encouraging their positive participation at all levels,” added Al Tayer.

“We aim to consolidate the UAE’s global position through achievements and major projects and initiatives. These play an influential role in strengthening Dubai’s position as a global hub for finance, trade, tourism, and green economy. DEWA has realised many accomplishments with the active participation of women and youth,” continued Al Tayer.

Al Tayer praised DEWA’s Women’s Committee and the Youth Council for organising this forum and for their effective and continuous role in enhancing DEWA’s excellence and global leadership. Al Tayer emphasised that the youth play an integral role in accelerating sustainability, developing innovative solutions for current and future climate challenges, and creating a sustainable positive effect.

The ‘Women, a Pivotal Partner for Sustainable Development’ discussion panel was hosted Amal Al Ahmadi, Head of the Research and Development Section at the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment; Shaikha Ahmad AlShaikh, Head of the Projects Planning & Development Section at Dubai Municipality; and Maryam Khansaheb, Manager of Corporate Sustainability at DEWA.

The ‘Youth, an Ambitious Vision that Keeps Pace with Tomorrow’ discussion panel was hosted by Latefa Almansoori, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and COP28 UAE Youth Climate Delegate; Abdulla Al Hathboor, Dubai Youth Council Member; and Nouf Jamal, BEEAH Group.
The forum concluded with a Sustainability Pledge in support of the UAE’s efforts in sustainability and empowering women and youth to lead climate action and find long-term solutions for challenges.

Fatima Al Jokar, Chairperson of DEWA Women’s Committee, emphasised DEWA’s keenness, represented by the Women’s Committee, to participate in international events hosted by the UAE to highlight the successes of female staff. Participants also highlighted the wise leadership’s role in enhancing women’s position in various fields which enabled them to take the highest roles and responsibilities and strengthened their position through a unique model of women empowerment and investing in their capabilities.

Aysha Alremeithi, DEWA’s Youth Council President, underscored DEWA’s active contribution in empowering the youth to be the next generation of sustainability leaders who actively contribute to the sustainable development journey in the UAE. This is achieved by developing their capabilities, honing their talents, and involving them in various projects and initiatives that aim to increase the share of renewable and clean energy.

DEWA also encourages the youth to participate in various local and international events, especially those related to sustainability.

Youth and female staff who took part in the ‘For a Sustainable Future’ forum praised DEWA’s efforts in sustainability and commended the Women’s Committee and Youth Council for organising the forum during COP28.