Deliveroo has just revealed the launch of its Takeaway Map to showcase the most sought-after dishes in neighbourhoods across Dubai. Building on the platform’s deep understanding of the local market, the Takeaway Map takes customers on a culinary journey unveiling the most coveted dishes in the country. Starting with Dubai, Deliveroo is revealing the most popular dishes of the city’s diverse neighbourhoods. 

Dubai, the vibrant melting pot of cultures and flavours, comes alive through Deliveroo’s Takeaway Map. Extending to areas such as Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Greens, Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Motor City, Mirdif, Satwa, and Deira, the map guides customers through an immersive exploration of Dubai’s food scene, one neighbourhood at a time. 

Whether in the heart of the city or nearly by the sea, the Takeaway Map reveals that food lovers in Dubai Marina have a fondness for Margherita Pizza, while foodies in Downtown Dubai prefer the Rigatoni Bolognese. The map reveals that Birria is the ultimate pick for customers located in JLT. Residents in Jumeirah opt to start their day with the ultimate bite of a Breakfast Sandwich, whereas those living in Motor City prefer a comforting Chicken Sandwich. Travelling back to the Greens, Deliveroo’s Takeaway Map uncovers that the Katsu Curry is the favoured dish in the neighbourhood. Navigating to Satwa, Deliveroo’s findings show that residents sate their cravings with Chicken Strips. As the map crosses over the Creek, Deliveroo reveals that residents prefer salmon, with the Crispy Salmon Skin Sushi being the favourite dish in Deira, and the Salmon Bowl the most-loved in Mirdif. 

Yasmine Mroueh, Head of Commercial at Deliveroo UAE said, ‘At Deliveroo, our mission is to connect people with the food they love. Through our Takeaway Map, we celebrate the diverse culinary landscape that defines Dubai’s neighbourhoods. Dubai is a city where every corner has its own unique flavour, and we’re proud to deliver this world of food to our customers’ doorsteps.’ 

Whether a Dubai resident or a visitor, Deliveroo’s Takeaway Map of the city is a customer’s passport to an unforgettable culinary adventure. 


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