Dubai, UAE: DDX Global, the leader in tokenization of real-world property, is set to transform Dubai and the UAE’s property market enabling customers to unlock the multi-trillion-dollar opportunity presented by block chain technology and real estate tokenization.

With DDX Global set to launch its flagship project, Desert Pearl, investors can leverage the company’s proven competencies in tokenizing real-world assets, which is expected to be a US$16 trillion market by 2030.

The pathbreaking project will have several state-of-the-art amenities and futuristic design elements inspired by the rich heritage of the city.

A report by UBS states that the world will have 86 million millionaires and 372,000 ultra high net worth individuals by 2027, who contribute to both luxury real estate value and sales. Dubai has emerged as a sought-after destination for high-profile investors with more than 67,000 high net worth individuals securing permanent residency in 2022 alone.

The city is also a hub for fintech, with the number of companies operating in the sector growing over 35 per cent. DDX Global stands at the intersection of both these, and is creating utility token for its luxury real estate projects that will help strengthen the property investment environment.

Helping unlock enormous benefits for investors through tokenization, DDX Global is complementing the vision of the leadership to accelerate digital transformation and embrace block chain technology. Among the benefits include easier liquidity for owners, increased efficiency and automation to make transactions fast and more use cases such as loyalty, carbon offsets and improved rental rights.

Highlighting the value of real estate tokenization, Chris Santilhano, Chief Operating Officer of DDX Global said: “Our aim as a tokenization consultancy is to leverage blockchain technology for tokenizing real-world assets, we are committed to creating exceptional value for our investors. In addition to the opportunity for long-term value, our strategic approach of digitizing real estate assets will help strengthen liquidity and enhanced international investment in Dubai’s property sector. Our goal is to create a blue-print for responsible real estate tokenization. The integration and interaction of different tokens and their use cases contribute to the DDX Global ecosystem. We are bridging two core markets – the luxury property sector in Dubai with the growth in fintech enterprises driven by Web3 innovation.”

Designed by Zhuzh, a Dubai-based international luxury, bespoke architectural design company, Desert Pearl will feature two luxury hotels, luxury apartments, a high-end commercial cluster and a luxury retail precinct in addition to a boulevard and private marina. The luxury boutique hotel with 88 keys will also house an arena, an Arabic astronomy museum, planetarium, Concord’s Gallery, and hanging gardens.

The first residential building in Desert Pearl is the Qamar Residences, featuring the Pearl Collection of homes at 400 square meters, the Oasis Collection at 650 square meters and the Sky Penthouse, a triplex, will be a record breaking 5,000 square metres. All the items in the apartments will be customized. All these assets can be tokenized, delivering more value for investors. More details of the project will be announced shortly.

DDX Global has been leveraging global platforms such as the HUNGEXPO Conference in Budapest, Hungary, and the World Economic Forum in Davos to launch its innovative real estate project at an international level.

The innovative 'Desert Pearl' resort in Dubai marks a turning point for the industry, combining sustainability and high-end tokenization. By actively participating in prestigious international events, DDX not only highlights its commitment to innovative real estate solutions, but also takes an important step toward expanding Dubai's global position in digitalization and sustainable development.


Inspired by the dynamism of Dubai’s economy and the ever-evolving global landscape, DDX Global’s vision is to support clients who wish to tokenize their global real-world property.
The company aims to enhance opportunities for a wider audience by making high-quality real estate assets available for investment in the form of tokens, which can be easily accessed and traded by global investors.

Real estate tokenization is a process of digitizing traditional real estate assets that can be safely traded on the blockchain without the need of a third party. This improves the liquidity of the property and facilitates the investment opportunity through the use of blockchain technology.

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