Riyadh: D360 Bank, one of the first Sharia-compliant digital banks in Saudi Arabia, has launched an exclusive waitlist for its customers. This waitlist serves as a gateway to a world of benefits including a new set of advanced digital banking services with innovative features tailored to meet the evolving needs of banking customers. These services reflect the bank’s dedication to providing exceptional digital services, enriching the banking sector, and elevating its customer experience.         

Customers signing up to experience the new portfolio of services ahead of D360’s Official launch will be able to open and maintain bank accounts and execute international money transfers without incurring charges. They will also be able to spend money abroad without worrying about any hidden fees.

The bank's user-friendly app takes center stage among the new service offerings, providing a range of features for easy balance checking, money transfer, and bill payments. All these advantages are complemented by the inclusion of Sharia-compliant products and services, allowing customers to bank in accordance with Islamic values and traditions.

Commenting on its innovative new services, Mohammed Ghoneim, CEO of D360 Bank, said: “We are delighted to launch the waitlist for exclusive access to our innovative digital banking services, heralding the future of banking. This initiative underscores D360 Bank’s unwavering commitment to offering our customers the best products and services in the sector and ultimately the best financial experiences to everyone in the Kingdom. I encourage all our valued customers to seize this opportunity and be among the first to enjoy a better, more convenient banking experience.”

These new services mark D360 Bank’s ongoing efforts to revolutionize finance by leveraging innovation and technology. This transformation is driven by its vision to make banking convenient, accessible, and equitable for everyone. The new service portfolio showcases      the bank's dedication to offering customers an unparalleled banking experience by combining convenience, affordability, and security.

The bank adapts to continuous market changes by following a strategy grounded in effective and intelligent technical foundations that enable customers to access quick and effective banking services. It also focuses on investing in digital technology to enhance the efficiency of its services and ensure the security of its financial transactions.


About D360 Bank  

The foundation of D360 Bank is its team, which boasts a blend of top-tier local and international expertise. The team is driven by a mission to deliver an equitable banking experience that caters to all. The bank focuses on empowering its clientele including individuals, entrepreneurs, and SME’s, to achieve their financial goals. They employ data-driven strategies, state-of-the-art technology, and digital innovation as tools to further the nation's economic growth, aligning their objectives with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.