Neuro Spinal Hospital (NSH) opened its door as the first private subspecialty hospital in the UAE in the year 2002 and recently inaugurated its new state-of-the-art facility offering specialised care for spinal, neurosurgical, neurological, orthopaedic, rehabilitation, oncology and radiosurgery treatments with the most advanced cancer centre operating from Dubai Science Park, strengthening the UAE’s drive for a robust, resilient and world-class healthcare industry. The AED 700 million features the UAE’s very first robotic Cyberknife radiosurgery centre.

“We are proud to bring world-class healthcare services to Dubai and believe our next-generation hospital will be a game-changer for the United Arab Emirates and the region’s medical industry. Our aim is provide patients of the region access to the highest expertise together with the latest medical technologies available internationally, and with that in mind the NSH has been a pioneer in its field since its inception in 2002,  introducing the first Brain Suite in the region and second worldwide, and lately the first Cyberknife Centre in the UAE.   Investing in the new hospital and technology represents our continued faith in the resilience of the region’s economy and the vision of its leadership, as well as a testament to our ongoing drive towards healthcare innovation in the UAE”, said Prof. Abdul Karim Msaddi, Chairman and founder of the Neuro Spinal Hospital.

The facility features unique treatment options, including the UAE’s first robotic Cyberknife which targets tumours with submillimeter accuracy without damaging healthy tissue, providing cancer patients safer treatment option that can sometimes replace surgery, and allowing them access to advanced care without the need to travel abroad for treatment. The hospital has quickly witnessed an inflow of medical tourists from the GCC and Africa in line with HH Sheikh Mohammad’s vision of making Dubai a hub for medical tourism”, asserted Ms. Dana Msaddi, Chief Operating Officer, Neuro Spinal Hospital. “The NSH was designed with the active input of patients and their families and also features spacious smart rooms, green spaces and open gardens for a more healing environment” she added.   

NSH Oncology & CyberKnife Centre

Dr. Salem Yanek, Chairman of NSH Cyberknif and Cancer Centre  said “In the UAE, approximately 4,500 new cases of cancer are reported in a year. In 2012, it was the third leading cause of death in Abu Dhabi.  Reducing cancer mortality rates is important key performance indicator of the world class healthcare of the UAE’s National Agenda, and NSH is looking forward to actively support this vision.  The Oncology and Radiosurgery Centre at NSH is one of the most comprehensive oncology centres in the region and gives patient access to a wide array of the latest, safest and most effective treatment options delivered by a multi disciplinary team of experienced medical and radiation oncologists equipped with the most advanced technology.  Our Cancer Centre is equipped to deal with various pathologies from the brain to the prostate, including head and neck, lungs, spine, liver, kidneys and other tumours.” she added.

NSH has always been at the forefront in the adoption and introduction of new healthcare services for the benefit of the people in the UAE.  Following are the few milestones over the year NSH hasachieved to reach the zenith of success: 

  1. 1st Brain Suite in UAE & 2nd in the World -2002
  2. First Neuro & Spinal navigation system introduced in the UAE - 2002
  3. 1st Vertebroplasty Technique in UAE - 200 
  4. 1st Percutaneous Spine Surgery in the UAE - 2005
  5. 1st Intra-operative Mobile CT scan in the region – 2012
  6. 1st Awake Brain Surgery in UAE -2014
  7. 1st Upright MRI in the UAE - 2015
  8. 1st total elbow replacement surgery in Dubai & NE
  9. 2022:  1st Robotic Cyberknife in the UAE

Our purpose is noble: to bring you the best care possible in a compassionate environment and to raise the standard of healthcare in the Arab world”, said Prof. Abdul Karim Msaddi, Chairman and Medical Director - NSH.