Riyadh: COFE, the MENA’s leading online coffee marketplace, announces its trilateral partnership with De’Longhi (Ahmed Abdulwahed) and JAZEAN, a brand by Saudi Coffee Company, integrating the brilliance of premium Italian coffee machines with the richness of top-tier Saudi coffee beans. The partnership between the three brands marks a significant leap forward in improving the coffee ecommerce segment and home-brewing experience. COFE, together with the two other giant industry titans will help in the advancement of the regional coffee industry as a whole, paving the way for a new era of quality and innovation.

With the platform’s steady month-over-month (MoM) growth of 26% in the home-brewing sector, the platform is poised to maintain its devoted commitment to the thriving ecommerce sector. This strategic three-way alliance intends to promote the Saudi Coffee Company locally produced beans by boosting its homebrewing sector, businesses, and hotel experiences using De'Longhi's cutting-edge machines. This partnership is poised to introduce the complex flavors of Saudi coffee to a worldwide audience.

Commenting on the partnership, Ali Al Ebrahim, Founder & CEO of COFE App, said, "Our unwavering aim is to deliver creative solutions that respond to the changing needs of coffee lovers, transforming the COFE Market into a haven of ease and creativity for individuals who are enthusiastic about home-brewing. We are constantly bustling in hope for providing an even greater range of coffee-related products and services by expanding our offers in KSA. With this collaboration, we are set to accelerate our expansion in the Kingdom while also ensuring that we constantly provide outstanding value to our loyal users.   

COFE earlier signed an agreement with Saudi Coffee Company, to become their premium online coffee marketplace in late 2022, aimed at propelling the Saudi coffee industry into the digital era and consequently empowering local producers to connect with end users with greater ease and convenience. COFE and JAZEAN, by Saudi Coffee Company, further strengthened their ties through the trilateral agreement, leveraging their steadfast commitment to fostering the Kingdom’s local coffee sector and embracing digital innovation. This strategic alliance is expected to push Saudi coffee beans onto the global arena, enthralling coffee lovers all over the world.

Commenting on the three-party partnership, Mohammed Zainy, Marketing Director of Saudi Coffee Company, said, “The synergy between a premium Italian brand, De'Longhi's, customer base that recognizes great coffee, and COFE's established presence in Saudi Arabia opens the door to presenting the world to local coffee's deep complexity, a hidden gem ready to compete with the best in the world.”

On the other hand, De’Longhi, a global brand, offers consumers innovative products with a unique combination of style and performance, signed its recent collaboration with both JAZEAN and COFE through Abdulwahed, the largest multi-brand distributor and retailer of smart lifestyle products in the KSA, especially known for offering high-end coffee machines and accessories.

Mohammad Abdulwahed, the commercial Director at Ahmed Abdulwahed: “We believe combining Delonghi machines strength in coffee making with COFE Market’s reach and Saudi Coffee Company’s homegrown coffee beans makes for the perfect brew. This partnership combines advanced coffee machines, market reach, and local coffee expertise, aligning seamlessly with Saudi Arabia's rich national coffee heritage with the aim of supporting local coffee farmers and production. We represent innovation, vast outreach, and persistent passion, all devoted to supporting Saudi Arabia's flourishing coffee community.”

COFE app users have shown continued support on the KSA’s home-brewing and entire coffee sector. Caffeine home-brewing has grown in popularity in the GCC region as well, which accounts for USD 74.1 million in 2020 and is expected to be worth USD 131.8 million by 2028. On the other hand, by 2023, the eCommerce market in Saudi for coffee machines is expected to grow to USD 2.8 million, making up 1.9% of the country's overall eCommerce market for small appliances. By 2027, the market volume is anticipated to reach USD 5.3 million due to the anticipated compound yearly growth rate for the following four years (CAGR 2023-2027) of 17.5%.

About COFE

COFE is the region’s #1 app for everything coffee! The platform makes coffee ordering fast and efficient and provides users an access to a wide range of international franchises and local coffee brands through multiple premium services. COFE Market, the platform’s ecommerce offering also allows users to purchase coffee beans, machines and other home brewing accessories, creating a lasting impact on the entire coffee industry B2B supply chain ecosystem.

Founded by Ali Al-Ebrahim in November 2018, COFE App currently operates in Kuwait, KSA, UAE, and Egypt, with international expansion in the pipeline. The platform has grown from strength to strength since its official launch. It was listed by CITC KSA as one of the top 10 most downloaded applications in 2020, and was also the official main partner of Riyadh Season 2022. Most recently the brand announced its strategic partnership with Saudi Coffee Company to support the development of the Saudi coffee sector.

COFE App is available on App Store and Google Play store.

Website: https://www.cofeapp.com

About Saudi Coffee Company

The Saudi Coffee Company is fully owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, which is concerned with supporting the national coffee product, and is keen to position it among the finest coffee beans in the world, to localize its industry, to enhance its contribution to the Kingdom’s domestic product, and to market it worldwide, in order to fulfill its commitment to open new sectors and support youth entrepreneurs in the local market. The Saudi Coffee Company will also support Kingdom's abilities to export Jazan coffee to the world markets and enhance the Saudi state efforts in the area of sustainable agriculture.

Through the partnership with the private sector, Saudi Coffee Company will support the entire value chain of the national coffee product from the cultivation stage until the product reaches the consumer's hand, taking into account the element of sustainability in all stages of production, distribution and marketing. In addition to support the efforts of the Saudi state - may Allah protect it - to diversify the national economy, and to enable the Saudi coffee sector in partnership with the private sector, to tangibly contribute to the Kingdom's domestic product, in fulfillment of the commitment of the Public Investment Fund to open new promising economic sectors, by activating the coffee sector locally, and to enhance its contribution to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

About Abdulwahed

Abdulwahed Co. is one of the largest multi-brands' distributor in Saudi Arabia of world's leading brands in smart lifestyle electronic products, with a multi showrooms located in prestigious malls & high-street which are offering multicategories; from imaging, electronics, accessories, and small domestic appliances, of which Delonghi brand is one of them.

The company started its journey in the sixties with the launch of its first retail outlet in Riyadh and since then it has achieved remarkable growth and expanded both its brands portfolio and stores’ network. It has received many rewards from government and commercial sectors as well as foreign companies for providing a wide range of leading international brands, supported by the best after sales services to Saudi Market. www.abdulwahed.com

De’Longhi is a global brand that offers consumers innovative products with a unique combination of style and performance. It offers innovative appliances for comfort, home cleaning and kitchen. Within the latter segment, Coffee machines currently represent the heart of the brand and have led De’ Longhi to be among the world leaders in their production.

De’ Longhi creates unique Coffee experiences, Its coffee machines meet the diverse needs of coffee lovers around the world, thanks to their technology, design, and the option to customize the drinks they serve. From the single-origin coffee bean to the most premium ground coffee, it allows you to have coffee served just as you want it by simply pressing a button on a super automatic machine.

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