Bridgestone, a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, was awarded Tyre Technology Provider of the Year Award 2023 for the second successive year during the Truck and Fleet ME awards that took place recently in Dubai. The event, which was held in The Ritz Carlton, JBR, in Dubai, was intended to recognize and honour the top performers in the truck and fleet industries.

Bridgestone won the award in recognition of the company's contributions to innovation and excellence, as demonstrated by its extensive line of technologically advanced products and services. These cutting-edge technologies were developed in response to the industry's urgent need to provide products that promote secure and economical transportation. The award further highlights Bridgestone’s calibre in producing innovations and state-of-the-art technology that help make cities smarter and safer.

Jacques Fourie, Vice President and Managing Director of Bridgestone Middle East and Africa said, “Bridgestone is honoured to have received this award for the second year in a row in recognition of our committing to foster innovation. As we continue to evolve as a provider of mobility solutions, technology is the cornerstone of our vision for the future. We are working to integrate the most cutting-edge solutions that will support sustainability, efficiency, and safety. I want to express my gratitude to every member of the Bridgestone family for working so very hard to embody our mission statement - Serving society with superior quality.

Bridgestone has consistently led the charge in promoting the development of new technologies in the tire sector. The company’s smart tyres are designed to improve the driving experience by utilizing cutting-edge future technology that gives the driver real-time information and evaluation on the condition of the road surface through a sensor located inside the tyre tread. The sensor wirelessly sends the information to the vehicle's analytical equipment, and this information is subsequently wirelessly relayed to the driver through an in-car display.

Bridgestone's iTrack solutions, monitoring system for detecting tyre damage issues in real-time, TPMS for mining and off-road tyres and Webfleet Solutions, whose applications range from transport management systems and on-board cameras to mileage and HGV specific navigation, are some other advancements.

The company has introduced state-of-the-art technologies to its core products in line with Bridgestone E8 Commitment, a powerful expression of Bridgestone’s corporate commitment towards 2030, to support the realisation of a sustainable society. It provides a framework for the company’s continued evolution as Bridgestone 3.0 and the transformation of its business model.


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