Dubai UAE: BACS ( Blockchain Arbitration and Commerce Society) has launched its operations in the Middle East with the opening of an office in Dubai, at Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). As per the press release, Dubai has become a vibrant ecosystem for blockchain companies, crypto assets, and artificial intelligence, offering significant opportunities for innovation, growth, and global expansion.

As Ignacio Ferrer-Bonsoms, President of BACS, points out, “Dubai is a strategic location for us. As a Digital Chamber of Commerce, we must be here. We want to bring our associates to Dubai and, conversely, we want to accompany Middle Eastern technology companies to the rest of the world. BACS’s presence within the DIFC reinforces its reputation as a world-class financial centre that attracts cutting-edge organizations.“

BACS encompasses a global network with deep industry knowledge and a commitment to responsible innovation.

BACS aims to further elevate Dubai’s profile as a destination for blockchain projects seeking a reputable and well-regulated environment. The arbitration and dispute resolution focus, carried out by the association not by BACS Dubai, will strengthen the DIFC’s legal framework, especially for complex cases involving emerging technologies.

Peter Hulks, CBDO of BACS Dubai, believes that “Dubai is making significant contributions to the world. Dubai is an Innovation Hub. Dubai is actively fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation. They invest in blockchain, AI, and other cutting-edge technologies, which in turn attracts global talent, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking businesses. This pushes the boundaries of what’s possible and shapes how we think about the future economy.”

He also highlights its strategic location. “Dubai is a bridge between worlds. Located at the crossroads of East and West, Dubai is uniquely positioned as a connector. It facilitates trade, fosters international collaboration, and promotes cultural exchange. This connectivity plays a critical role in breaking down barriers and driving global progress. Overall, Dubai is contributing a fresh perspective, a spirit of innovation, and a commitment to a long-term vision, something increasingly lacking in countries once seen as leaders in these areas. There are many reasons why I call Dubai home, my answer barely scratches the surface.”

Levan Bodzashvili, COO of BACS Dubai, considers Dubai to be a model of tolerance. “Dubai’s diverse, multicultural society is a true melting pot. They’ve created an environment where people from all walks of life can work and live together. This promotes understanding and cooperation in an increasingly interconnected world, serving as an encouraging example.”

He also highlights Dubai’s visionary leadership. “Dubai’s leadership is clear. Their vision is grand and transformative. They’re not afraid to take risks and invest boldly in ambitious projects, often related to sustainability and technology. This drive pushes the limits and inspires others to strive for ambitious goals that can benefit all of humanity.”

The future of BACS is focused on contributing to a healthy and mature blockchain ecosystem. For BACS, reliability and accessibility are key: our arbitration services offer a clear path for dispute resolution, essential as this industry grows. 

Our goal is to simplify things, helping businesses understand and confidently explore blockchain’s potential. BACS is actively working on expanding its network to key markets, forging new alliances, and learning. BACS will be a practical force for good, advocating for responsible adoption and ethical practices within the blockchain space.

Some of the key advantages BACS offers to companies working with new technologies include:

– Risk Mitigation: New technology, especially in the blockchain space, carries inherent risks. We help companies understand those risks, both legal and technical, and implement strategies to mitigate them. This can save them from costly mistakes and protect their reputation.

– Dispute Resolution: When conflicts arise (and they inevitably will), BACS offers a specialized arbitration platform. This provides a faster, more cost-effective, and often more private alternative to traditional litigation, keeping projects on track and avoiding public disputes.

– Knowledge & Expertise: The BACS team has deep experience in blockchain, crypto assets, and AI. Companies venturing into these areas benefit from our insights, practical guidance, and connections to a global network of experts.

– Trust Factor: Working with BACS adds legitimacy to a project. It shows a commitment to transparency, fair play, and responsible innovation. This can be crucial for attracting investors, partners, and building a positive reputation in the industry.

BACS is like the steady hand on the wheel. Companies can focus on innovation, knowing that BACS has their back in managing the challenges that come with using cutting-edge technologies.

About BACS

BACS is an association of private law and commerce, legally constituted and formed by members of the community empowering businesses and resolving internal conflicts. That is; a legal environment that respects, fosters and resolves crypto problems from within. Through an association of members from the legal and technological environment, to whom we offer training in this new technology, networking, audits and quality seal. BACS operates as a Legal Oracle in legal businesses that employ blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We have the first specialized Arbitration Court, internationally recognized, and whose rulings are enforceable.
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