Dubai – Avanza Innovations, a pioneering force in blockchain and web 3.0 innovation, is proud to introduce Fragments, a groundbreaking platform set to revolutionize real-world asset tokenization. In a recent interview with UNLOCK Blockchain, CEO Waqas Mirza highlighted Avanza’s journey and the transformative potential of Fragments in the global market.

Mirza attributes Avanza’s success to resilience and resourcefulness, evident in their remarkable achievements across the MENASA region. Committed to fostering innovation, Avanza consistently crafts solutions that resonate with global markets.

Fragments represents a significant leap forward in asset tokenization, embodying Avanza’s inherent drive for innovation. Mirza stated, “Fragments embodies the inherent restlessness within Avanza’s DNA. We thrive on inventing new IPs and introducing innovative products.”

Streamlining Asset Tokenization: Fragments’ End-to-End Marketplace Solution

In today’s evolving realm of asset tokenization, the demand for a unified platform that seamlessly integrates every facet of the process is undeniable. Fragments rises to meet this demand, providing a flexible solution that streamlines the entire journey. With comprehensive in-built regulatory compliance modules, stakeholders can effortlessly obtain licenses, configure assets, and engage with retail investors globally.

Innovatively Redefining Ownership: Democratizing Investment Opportunities

Fragments democratically opens access to assets such as real estate, artworks, commodities, and more through fractionalization, redefining ownership and investment paradigms. The platform empowers individuals to secure their financial futures and convert aspirations into tangible assets by presenting diverse investment opportunities tailored to various asset classes.

Commitment to Security and Compliance

Driven by a commitment to robust security and compliance standards, Fragments prioritizes comprehensive protection for investors, asset owners, and platform operators. Despite regulatory uncertainties, Avanza remains optimistic, citing existing collaborations and successes as evidence of their commitment to adapting to evolving regulatory landscapes.

Anticipating Regulatory Guidelines

Discussing partnerships with regulatory bodies such as the UAE’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), Mirza anticipates regulatory guidelines to materialize within 2024. These guidelines are poised to catalyze significant activity in the real estate sector, unlocking new avenues for innovation and investment.

Tech-Driven Agility

Technologically, Avanza remains agile, leveraging a diverse tech stack to accommodate client preferences and industry trends. Client collaboration drives technology choices, ensuring alignment with operational requirements and market demands.


Mirza concludes with a reflection on Fragments, highlighting its comprehensive business automation capabilities. As a holistic solution, Fragments not only facilitates tokenization but also streamlines backend operations, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

As Avanza Innovations continues to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation, Fragments emerges as a promising solution, ready to reshape the landscape of real-world asset tokenization, driving economic transformation and fostering new opportunities for investors worldwide.

About Avanza Innovations:

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