Muscat –Sultanate of Oman :

To offer an upgraded banking experience and provide customers with the best services and products that comply with the principles of Shari’a, Alizz Islamic Bank has launched Alizz One a value proposition for those who wish to transfer their salaries to the bank.

The bank's commitment to meeting the diverse financial needs of society is demonstrated through the tailor-made programme AlizzOne that encompasses financing, accounts, and savings plans. This all-inclusive package aims to provide innovative services that offer flexible financing rates and a variety of account and financing product options to customers. Furthermore, the package is designed to enhance the customer experience for those who aspire to invest via their savings.

The banking products package offered under Alizz One includes a current account that facilitates various customer transactions and offers optional cheque book issuance. Additionally, there is a long-term savings plan account that is designed to enable customers to save towards specific goals while earning monthly profits. Customers can also link a savings account to a current account and a separate savings account as a sweep functionality. There is also a fixed investment deposit wakalah or murabaha account, which are investment accounts that includes deposits for profit generation purposes.

The AlizzOne package offered by Alizz Islamic Bank provides a wide range of financing options, including home finance, auto finance, and personal finance and has been designed to offer attractive benefits to customers who choose to transfer their salaries to Alizz Islamic Bank. These benefits include a full year exemption from credit card fees if the customer applies for a card. Moreover, customers can obtain and be exempt from the first year annual fees for the debit card. If customers use ATM devices belonging to other banks, they are exempt from withdrawal fees for 10 times per month. They are also exempt from internal transfer fees when using the Alizz Islamic Bank app for smartphones. Moreover, customers can enjoy 10 free card to card transfers monthly. Furthermore, there are several discounts on Shari’a-compliant insurance products like motor, travel, life insurance, and other related products.