• NBK employees maintain friendly relationships, and I regard my team as my second family
  • All the successes achieved over the past years were attainable through cooperation and teamwork
  • All departments work as a beehive to serve customers and create added-value for stakeholders
  • The bank’s continuous motivation policy encourages employees to do their best

As part of the activities of “Tamakan” training program organized by Creative Confidence with NBK’s strategic sponsorship, a panel discussion was held, hosting Manal Al Mattar, Head of Group Corporate Communications at NBK, who gave the participants tips on the best ways to do their jobs and build a sustainable career. She also shared with them her experience and the milestones of her professional journey at NBK, Kuwait’s leading banking institution and among the top banks across the region.

NBK’s firm strategy for supporting the youth

During the session, Al-Mattar advised the youth saying: “You have to keep learning new things every day and look for different solutions to get the job done and do not be a limited by the routine and always seek development and innovation, as learning is a non-ending process no matter how high you are in your career, in order to keep up with the rapid technological developments every day in the banking industry.”

“Every step forward in your career will make you have a better perspective for the work system, so you should always look at the picture more deeply, aside from the different points of view with the work team, and initiate ideas to develop the workflow in cooperation with team members,” she added.

Al-Mattar explained that NBK always focuses on acquiring talent, building professional cadre, and extending to them all means of support by providing training courses from day one, and the bank’s continuous motivation policy encourages employees to do their best.

“NBK has a firm commitment to support the youth and help them build their career, considering this as a real investment into the future. NBK always seeks to give youth the priority, as this guarantees building human cadre who are able to achieve a prosperous future for Kuwait,” she emphasized.

Al-Mattar called on the youth to seize the opportunity of the bank’s training initiatives offered to fresh graduates, to develop, upskill and qualify them to navigate their way into the labor market, and emerge as effective workforce to contribute to building a thriving economic future for Kuwait. She noted that “Tamakan” program comes in line with the bank’s strategy to support the youth and pave the way for them to acquire the necessary experience to improve their knowledge and broaden their understanding, which qualifies them to meet the requirements of the labor market.

My team is my second family

Al-Mattar touched on the behind-the-scenes of working with her team in Public Relations, saying: “NBK employees maintain friendly relationships and I regard my team as my second family. I give them advice and directions not orders, and enough space to do their jobs allowing innovation, creativity, development, and finding faster and more advanced solutions to execute their tasks.”

 “All the successes we achieved over the past years were attainable through cooperation and the work of the whole team who always do their best to improve the work mechanism within our workplace recognized as Kuwait’s leading banking institution,”

Al-Mattar continued: “There are no barriers between our team, regardless of the different positions, as I consider myself one of the team members and I listen carefully to criticism and different opinions, and we hold discussions that enrich how all the team think, which ultimately positively reflects on the work system.”

“NBK provides exceptional opportunities for continuous career development through top-notch training programs organized in cooperation with the most prestigious international institutions, thus ensuring a sustainable career for its human capital,” she noted.

The secret to success

Al-Mattar mentioned that all NBK departments work like a beehive to serve customers, create added-value for stakeholders and shareholders, and reinforce the bank’s leading position as the top banking institution in Kuwait.

“I am always proud of working in a prestigious institution like NBK, and I thank all my team members for the efforts they have made and the success we have achieved so far in cooperation with all other departments. We also strive to do more to ensure the bank’s excellence and leadership at the local and regional levels,” she concluded.