DUBAI – UAE: At the very heart of The United Arab Emirates lies a culture strengthened through tradition and values that have been cherished above all. There’s a brand that pays sheer respect to this incredibly rich culture, offering more than just food to families. Al Islami Foods, the Halal food giant, launches its brand-new television commercial (TVC) – ‘Makes Me Proud’ via Real Halal, that is bound to leave viewers truly touched. It's a tribute to the tradition, culture and love passed down from generations for centuries. It's about the beliefs that unite people with heritage, the food that nourishes them with flavour, and the pride that fills them with joy.

Zubair Ahmad, Marketing and International Sales Director of Al Islami Foods said, "At Al Islami, we understand that food is more than a necessary commodity; it's what connects us with our roots. This awareness on the importance of bringing people modern & convenient food solutions has always kept us committed. That’s what gave birth to Real Halal, with modern & convenient Real Halal food solutions. Real Halal food originates from age-old traditions that are at risk of fading away, and we are determined to preserve them along with all the precious Islamic values for future generations. Food that makes us smile. Food that makes us proud. That's what Al Islami stands for, that's how Al Islami stands out.”

At the core of this pivotal film lies Al Islami Food's unique ‘Real Halal’ theme. This differentiation is supported by three functional benefits meticulously crafted to deliver food that not only adheres to Islamic principles but also brings families together through an elevated dining experience:

  • Never Stunned Meat: Ensuring individuals enjoy meat as tender as a mother’s love, clean and without any blood.
  • No Added Hormones: Pledging pure, natural, and nutritious meat because your health is our priority.
  • Hand-Slaughtered Meat: It's not just about the premium flavour; it's about values. It's about the attention to detail that every household deserves.

The 'Makes Me Proud’ via Real Halal TVC is an invitation for customers to join Al Islami Foods on a journey; a path that not only celebrates the purity of Halal food but also cherishes the timeless traditions that fortify the families, making them even stronger.

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About Al Islami:

Al Islami Food’s journey began in 1970. Known as the Dubai Co-operative Society at the time; what started out as a small grocery shop, quickly grew into the larger vision of its founder, Haj Saeed Lootah. The second shop which was opened in Karama, was closer to a modern-day supermarket, and was succeeded by the opening of more stores across Khalid bin Waleed Road, Defense Roundabout and Satwa. The breakthrough which Mr. Lootah and his team had been waiting for, came in 1979 with the opening of a hypermarket in Mirdif, which would serve as a model for all future outlets.

Today, Al Islami Foods is the premium halal food company in the UAE, and one of the biggest food distributors in the region. Quality and transparency is the foundation upon which our brand is based and we enjoy the unequivocal trust of mothers, foodies, cooking enthusiasts who wish to provide nutritious and safe halal foods to their children and families.