Muscat: ahlibank has continued to provide its existing and new customers with a diverse bundle of banking and financial products that stand apart from the rest.

One such offering is the bank’s 'Bancassurance' products bouquet, which has been created in collaboration with Dhofar Insurance Company, a market leader with strong expertise and proven track record. Under the portfolio, both existing and new customers across the bank’s branches can avail comprehensive insurance solutions that include Motor, Travel, Personal Accident, Family Protection Plans, Home, Home Contents, against natural disasters & other policies.

Commenting on ahlibank’s Bancassurance products, Muneer Al Balushi – AGM, Head of Retail Distribution from ahlibank said, “As one of Oman’s leading financial solution providers, we are always striving to offer comprehensive and flexible solutions to customers, both existing and new. We are extremely delighted that our Bancassurance portfolio has been such a success.

“By offering ‘Bancassurance’ we have not only expanded our suite of services but also strengthened the trust endowed upon us by our customers. The wide range of insurance products under this portfolio offers protection for both individual assets as well as property from any potential financial risks and liabilities. We have invested great efforts to ensure that all products are tailored to suit individual customer requirements. Both existing and new customers across the bank’s branches can avail of insurance coverage due to best rates, hassle-free documentation process, and quick turnaround time.” He added.

Keeping customer centricity and evolving needs in mind, Bancassurance provides comprehensive insurance for vehicles, personal accidents, travel, and insurance against natural disasters. Customers can also opt-in for the comprehensive family protection long-term plan that comes with extensive coverage, offering them peace of mind.  Home insurance comes with complete solutions to mitigate loss and covers the building and the contents of the building and devices against any loss or damage.

The bank, which was established in 2007, has a comprehensive suite of technologically advanced services across its branches in Oman. All its product offerings and account types are aimed at inculcating a culture of savings and developing financial stability. In line with its vision of being a vibrant and innovative center of banking, the bank also offers top-class retail, commercial, and investment banking solutions.