Cairo: Ahli United Bank Egypt, one of the prominent banks in the Egyptian market, introduced a new 8% cashback offer on Premium CDs.

“AUBE keenly offers the best-in-class banking services to its clients for fulfilling their expectations, as a part of its expansion plan in a way that retains the trust of the bank’s clients”, Retail banking Deputy CEO at the AUBE, Osama El Sayed stated.

He also highlighted that the CD beneficiary can receive 8% cashback on its total saving value in Premium CD, which instantly will be added one time only to the customer’s account upon new CD issuance or existing CD renewal. The cashback reward is available on the 3-year Premium CDs with no balance limit. A 10% monthly interest rate is applied.

He added that the bank has been introducing innovative digital banking solutions, as it recently launched the e-Account service. The new service allows clients to open banking accounts digitally via mobile apps or the website to receive the account number once completing the application process. To complete the account activation process, the client needs to visit any AUBE branch to sign the documents required for bank account opening.  Accordingly, AUBE has been one of the very first banks to offer this service type in Egypt.

The new service offers a variety of benefits, as it facilitates the account opening of fee-free banking accounts. The client can receive the account number instantly after completing the application process. The service also offers the client the ability to check the balance anytime and anywhere. Further, the client will receive 100 pearl points as a welcome reward on activating the account.

In the same context, the Deputy CEO of Retail banking pointed out that AUBE celebrated World Youth Day, offering its young clients a unique lifetime benefit, as they will be exempt from the account administration fees.  He affirmed that this benefit will be available to the youth accounts which are opened during the financial inclusion initiatives established by the Central Bank of Egypt.
He also referred that AUBE took the initiative to introduce fee- free account opening service at all its branches nationwide for young people at the age of 16. The account opening doesn’t require any deposit limit, extra fees, or documentation except for the National ID. This step aligns with the CBE’s directives to attract all society segments to transaction banking.

He also lauded the CBE’s leading efforts to integrate all society segments into the financial inclusion initiative, as the banks are urged to diversify their banking services to cater to the segments’ demands, along with expanding the digital services through upgrading new interactive digital channels for the clients, as up to 50% of the citizens at the age of 16 are integrated into the financial inclusion system.He also referred to the AUBE’s efforts to constantly support the CBE’s financial inclusion efforts and Egypt’s economic goals in line with its Vision 2030.

The purchase of AUBE’s CDs and account opening services are available at its branch network of 40 branches nationwide or through AUBE’s online banking service available on the bank’s website: