United Arab Emirates, Dubai: For those looking to live the good life, Mahzooz, the UAE’s favourite weekly live draw that has created 27 multi-millionaires in two years, announces that the second prize of AED 1,000,000 will be doubled to AED 2,000,000 at the 93rd draw, which will take place at 9.pm on September 10th 2022.

Mahzooz offers life-changing opportunities and has made dreams come true for over 187,000 winners who have collectively won over 265,000,000.

Last week, Syed from Pakistan was announced to be the winner of 1 KG of gold, as part of the second Golden Summer draw that took place on September 3rd. In the same evening, Mahzooz welcomed 1,482 winners to the good life, as they have been awarded AED 1,803,650 at the 92nd draw.

For a chance of being the next millionaire, simply go to www.mahzooz.ae, create an account, click play, pay AED 35 to buy a water bottle that will be channelled through Mahzooz community partners to hydrate those in need, and choose 5 numbers in one line. Each bottle makes you eligible for an entry in the grand draw that gives you the chance of winning the top prize of AED 10,000,000, the second prize of AED 2,000,000 and the third prize of AED 350.

For the same participation worth AED 35, participants will also enter a weekly raffle draw for a chance of becoming one of three guaranteed AED 100,000 winners.

Mahzooz which means ‘lucky’ in Arabic is dedicated to making people live the good life and giving back to the community.



EWINGS LLC, the Managing Operator of Mahzooz, is a technology and operations management company headquartered in the UAE. EWINGS delivers tailor-made services, spanning strategy, technology infrastructure, operations, and management with a special focus on the entertainment industry.

About Mahzooz:

Mahzooz is the GCC's only weekly live draw that offers participants a life-changing opportunity with tens of AED millions to be won every week. Mahzooz is dedicated to making people’s dreams come true and giving back to the community.

For more information on Mahzooz, prizes, winners, rules, terms and conditions, eligibility and to enter the coming Mahzooz draw, please visit www.mahzooz.ae, download our app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, or follow @MyMahzooz on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.