• The digital wealth management firm becomes the first in the GCC region to partner with the 1980-founded prestigious American research firm on its Investment Solutions.
  • NDR will provide high-level and comprehensive research that will give intelligence to FinaMaze to build the “Dynamic Ned Davis” Smartfolio.

Abu Dhabi – UAE: Pursuing its innovative path in the UAE asset management sector, FinaMaze has announced a partnership with global independent investment research firm, Ned Davis Research (NDR).

This partnership, the first of its kind in the GCC region, will see NDR providing comprehensive research and high-level intelligence to the ADGM-regulated digital wealth management firm.

In return, FinaMaze builds the “Dynamic Ned Davis” Smartfolio following the guidelines of the research firm’s world-class service.

The NDR Dynamic allocation strategy combines the NDR alpha model in a monthly rebalancing system with a trade reducing overlay designed to minimize drawdowns. The strategy has a benchmark of 60% global equity and 40% global investment-grade debt and has been live since August 2017.

NDR will also provide supportive commentary and analysis with its model portfolios. NDR’s valuable, relevant, empirically based market research and insights are designed to help FinaMaze investors gain additional market intelligence.

FinaMaze will also offer an AI Autopilot version of the “NDR Dynamic” Smartfolio that will build, for each investor, a distinct portfolio that will be individually rebalanced in line with her/ his unique risk profile and behavior.

In commenting about the latest partnership, Mehdi Fichtali, CEO and Founder of FinaMaze said: “We are proud to join forces with one of Wall Street’s leading research houses to provide our investors access to the most sought-after global strategies. Thanks to the support and trust of our clients, we pursue our innovation and global partnerships to exceed their expectations and results. This is another token of recognition to our growing FinaMaze footprint as one of the most innovative asset management firms in the region”.

“We are excited about our association with FinaMaze on the NDR Dynamic Smartfolio,” said Brian Sanborn, CFA, Head of Investment Solutions at NDR. “The partnership represents NDR’s aspiration to become a higher-growth-more-accessible business in the GCC region,” Sanborn added. “FinaMaze’s scale and expertise provide a platform to help execute our goal, while giving FinaMaze users access to NDR’s 360o weight-of-the-evidence approach in this high conviction, global tactical asset allocation strategy.” 

Along with a variety of unique investment products available to meet the needs of its clients from different backgrounds, the partnership will see FinaMaze utilize NDR’s evidence-based objective, independent investment research solutions,– informed by its proprietary models and indicators to serve both Elite and Prime FinaMaze investors.

To know more about FinaMaze’s innovative investment products, kindly contact +971 58 538 8757 or email support@finamaze.com.

About FinaMaze Group 

Regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority in the ADGM, inspired by Nobel Prize-winning academics, FinaMaze is the MENA’s Hybrid human/ robo digital wealth manager. FinaMaze is committed to solving long-standing challenges of the investment industry in the region and beyond. 

Teaming powerful AI with Data Scientists, Quantitative Finance and Software Engineers, FinaMaze connects machine learning with human behavioral science to provide personalized investment solutions.

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About Ned Davis Research (NDR)

Founded in 1980, NDR is a global provider of independent investment research insights, tools, and solutions. It uses the weight of evidence and a 360° approach to build up to market insights. In saying “evidence,” NDR means processing millions of data series to fuel a historical perspective, building proprietary indicators and models, and calming investors so they can see the signals and invest with confidence.

To know more about NDR, kindly visit www.ndr.com.