Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:– Nissan customers can look forward to a new and exceptional experience in dealerships all across Saudi Arabia, as Nissan KSA and its authorized dealer Petromin Nissan are completing the roll-out of the “Nissan Retail Concept Next” (NRC Next). Nissan's global retail transformation is designed to boost Nissan’s position as a leader in automotive retail and transformed showrooms and customer service not only in the Kingdom, but across the company’s entire AMIEO region (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania). With the first dealership network to complete the NRC Next journey, Petromin Nissan and Nissan Saudi Arabia are setting a benchmark for the AMIEO region.

Pioneering Innovation: A First for the AMIEO Region

With the cutting-edge NRC Next now in place at all showrooms, Petromin Nissan has become a frontrunner in Nissan's global retail network. The new retail concept enables the company to  uphold and raise Nissan KSA's high standards in sales and after-sales in all of its dealerships. Nissan customers can looking forward to exceptional experiences and best-in-class services.

Enhanced Showrooms: A Blend of Japanese DNA Design and Technological Integration

The NRC Next renovation plan has transformed Petromin Nissan showrooms into contemporary spaces that embody Nissan’s global brand identity. Infused with the essence of Japanese design DNA, the showrooms now invite customers to engage with and explore the latest Nissan vehicles in comfort. Seamlessly integrated technology further enhances the experience, creating truly modern and inspiring spaces.

Elevating the Customer Journey: The Power of "Phygital" Experiences

Petromin Nissan's commitment to innovation extends beyond aesthetics. NRC Next seamlessly integrates digital elements into the physical showroom experience, creating a unique "phygital" (physical and digital) environment. Customers can effortlessly transition between online and in-store interactions thanks to a more convenient and personalized journey throughout the car buying process.

  • Anees Salamah, The General manager of Dealership Network Development, Customer Quality, and Training Stated: "At Nissan KSA, we can draw on both our global expertise and our deep understanding of local markets. This commitment fuels our innovation and allows us to consistently exceed customer expectations. The upcoming completion of the NRC Next renovations at Petromin Nissan showrooms and at dealerships across the AMIEO region signifies a significant step forward in the transformation of our retail operations. We are proud to collaborate with Petromin Nissan, a key partner in our success, and look forward to unveiling a truly exceptional customer experience."

With the completion of the NRC Next concept at Petromin Nissan dealerships, Nissan and its partners are poised to redefine the customer experience for customers across Saudi Arabia and the AMIEO region. This global initiative elevates Nissan's position in automotive retail.