Dubai: Join the football fever with KoinBasket and you might just end up becoming a Crypto Millionaire. If you are a football fan, then KoinBasket is the place to be for this World Cup. KoinBasket, a crypto investment platform that helps beginners to invest in diversified crypto baskets, is giving away millions of Satoshis, the smallest denomination of Bitcoin, in prizes to its followers on their social media channels.

The KoinBasket World Cup competition will be running throughout the World Cup Qatar 2022 later this month.

Mohammed Mukarram, Head of Growth at KoinBasket said, “We are witnessing tremendous response for collaboration from Football pundits, influencers, and fan clubs to drive our message to investors that the formula to win in crypto investing is hidden in sports, it’s always the coordinated effort of a team that wins consistently and not a single player. Similar to how a winning team needs the right approach to selecting players with relevant skill sets, KoinBasket helps its investors select the right set of Cryptocurrencies via hand-picked crypto baskets suitable for different market conditions & risk appetite of an Investor.”

KoinBasket will soon be launching UAE’s first crypto basket investing app that makes crypto investing as simple as online shopping for UAE investors. The move will not only introduce them to the world of diversified basket investing in crypto assets but also provide them with the unparalleled research analysis that KoinBasket has come to be known for.

Giving further insights on the startup’s progress, Khaleelulla Baig, founder of KoinBasket said, “We’ve been constantly listening to our users and the most common request was the need for a demo trading account that allows freshers to try crypto trading in live market conditions without risking real money. All that the users must do is a simple email signup; we do not ask for any prior crypto wallet or exchange account to start free demo trading. Our users get preloaded reward coins so they can confidently get started with live market demo trading, once they gain enough expertise and confidence, they have the option to turn their reward coins into real-time cryptos and start investing real money. Crypto is not just for investing nowadays. Crypto has gone mainstream and is taking over the market. Crypto is going Global and so is KoinBasket.”

Elaborating further on the football contest, Baig said, that this contest is a token of appreciation for the unwavering support we are receiving from 50,000 strong growing community of KoinBasket, all our social media followers can participate in the contest to win daily prizes of up to 100,000 Satoshis and progress further to win 2.5 million bitcoin satoshis with the final jackpot winner taking away the grand prize of 100 million bitcoin satoshis.

Following KoinBasket on its social media platforms is the only eligibility criterion to enter the competition. No sign-up/log-in required. The campaign will kick off along with World Cup starting from the 20th of Nov till the 18th of Dec when the finals will be played. Winners will be announced daily, and additional prizes are up for grabs for predicting goal scorers, match score-lines and other football-related trivia.

Direct Message (DM) your crypto wallet addresses and the winning amount will be transferred to the winner instantly. KoinBasket will have a Leaderboard running throughout the tournament on all its social media pages. Users can also earn more rewards with the Refer a friend campaign, tag/refer 3 or more friends, and make sure they subscribe so you can get a wild card entry into the competition.

In addition to all the above prizes, there will also be a chance to win a Crypto Basket with a significant purse value to kickstart your crypto investment journey.  

About KoinBasket:

KoinBasket is a user-friendly investment interface that builds well-researched and diversified crypto portfolios for investors. Its primary objective is to increase the probability of portfolio success and control risk by allocating funds to promising crypto projects to spread across different crypto industries, themes, and ideas.

The startup is solving the challenge of diversified investing for more than 300 million crypto investors globally. Retail investors live in constant fear and self-doubt about their investment decisions made in the backdrop of social media frenzy and the Fear of Missing Out or the FOMO factor. Users are empowered to seamlessly buy and sell crypto baskets via their respective crypto exchange accounts without giving away the custody of funds and assets or the rights to trade.

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