One Year of Deep Cultivation in the Middle East: TF International Facilitates Cooperation between CZBANK and MISA to Strengthen Mutual Trust

In less than a year of dedicated efforts and adherence to long-termism and mutual benefit, TF International Securities Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as “TF International”) has achieved significant progress in its Middle Eastern business. On May 13, Riyadh local time, acting as the Middle East advisor for China Zheshang Bank (CZBANK), TF International facilitated and witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between CZBANK and the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA). This milestone makes CZBANK the first and currently the only Chinese joint-stock commercial bank to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with MISA. The MOU provides a clear framework and explicit guidance for future cooperation between the two parties in the fields of finance and industry, and also demonstrates TF International’s planning, organization, and execution capabilities as an international Chinese securities firm, effectively promoting economic and trade cooperation between China and the Middle East.

On the day of the signing, CZBANK President Zhang Rongsen and his delegation visited the MISA. After comprehensive and in-depth discussions, both parties successfully signed the memorandum of understanding. Deputy Minister Saleh Al-Khabti and Assistant Deputy Minister Fahad Mansour AlHashem, and other representatives of the Saudi Investment Department attended the meeting. Deputy Minister Saleh warmly welcomed President Zhang’s delegation and briefed them on the department’s recent investment progress. President Zhang Rongsen stated that CZBANK, as a national joint-stock commercial bank, is committed to fully embracing and implementing China’s Belt and Road initiative and actively exploring viable paths for offering financial services in the Middle East. The two sides exchanged views candidly on issues of mutual concern.

Promoting Chinese Enterprises in the Middle East: “Wind Chain Plan” Continues to Expand into International Markets

As a core overseas financial service institution owned by the province, TF International continues to efficiently and steadily advance its Middle East strategy. It aims to combine the world’s most competitive supply chain system with the region’s most promising growth capital. The Middle East, with its abundant resource endowments and rapidly growing market potential, has become an important destination and transit point for Chinese enterprises to “go global”, as well as a key force in “brining in” high-quality capital. According to TF International CEO Zou Chuan, China possesses the world’s most complete, diverse, and creative supply chain system, while the Middle East is currently a hotbed for long-term industrial capital resources. The establishment of closer economic and trade partnerships between the two sides will create immense opportunities and achieve sustainable economic development.

From May 6 to 13, TF International efficiently introduced significant resources from the Middle East to CZBANK. During the recently concluded 13th Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in the UAE, TF International, serving as CZBANK’s Middle East advisor, actively facilitated connections and carefully organized events over more than a week, including arranging visits to several national investment departments, prominent local sovereign funds, and major financial institutions in the Middle East, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. In Sharjah, discussions were held with relevant authorities of the Sharjah Emirate regarding collaboration on projects such as panda bonds. In Abu Dhabi, financial growth opportunities between China and Saudi Arabia were explored with the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and Abu Dhabi Global Market, among other national financial institutions. In Dubai, paths for mutual development were discussed with key governmental and private capital institutions, including Emirates Investment Bank (EIB), Mashreq Bank, and Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). In Riyadh, collaborative prospects were explored with the Chief Investment Officer of Ajlan & Bros Holding and the management team of NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s new future city.

Leveraging its extensive industry network and international footprint, TF International not only provides robust, comprehensive financial services to support multi-dimensional communication platforms between Chinese enterprises and Middle Eastern partners but also establishes a vital communication bridge between the Middle East and China.