04 February 2017
6 employers are among the top best places to work in Algeria for 2017

Algiers - Best Companies Group USA released today the list of ‘Best Places to Work for in Algeria in 2017’. The official list is a ranking of the nation’s top 6 best employers in 2017. This program was conducted among different companies operating in Algeria from different business sectors and it will measures employee satisfaction in key areas of talent management systems including corporate culture, workplace, HR  management, career development, quality of life and motivation. The opinion of the employees is the most important element in this program that it is complemented by an assessment given to the HRD, describing the actual HR practices in the firm.


The first prize goes to DHL INTERNATIONAL ALGERIA, a world market leader in the logistics industry. Within the company, employees are the most valuable resource and the company supports and encourages their success by promoting a healthy work- life balance. NOVO NORDISK ALGERIA, a company that operates in the pharmaceutical sector, was the second best place to work for in Algeria in 2017, thanks to the efforts to create an attractive work environment and learning opportunities, development and evolution for the employees. NOVARTIS, the third best place to work for in Algeria in 2017 a company which operates in the pharmaceutical field, provides a great work environment for its employees including career opportunities and a pleasant social climate encouraging employees to stay longer.  ROCHE is the fourth best place to work for in Algeria in 2017; Number one in biotechnology, the company is a real school for the younger candidates and offers excellent career opportunities for its employees. TOTAL ALGERIA, the world energy group, one of the world's leading oil and gas companies is the fifth best place to work for in Algeria in 2017. The company offers its employees great opportunities in terms of career development at national and international level. Ad Display a company operating in the field of signage is the Sixth best place to work for 2017 with it commitment to delivering a great employee experience and listening to the employees, who continually help build a better company.  

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