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Pleasures Magazine

Pleasures Magazine ( in this edition features the innovative real estate and Fintech entrepreneur, Precious Adaobi Okechukwu, on the cover of its November/December 2022 issue.

Hitherto, men have always been at the top of the leading board for years, dominating the world of business, especially in the real estate sector, but with the rise of female entrepreneurs across the world, today these women are sitting side by side and establishing their businesses as household names in a variety of industries, including real estate, manufacturing, publishing, technology, fashion, broadcasting, and beauty.

The latest issue of the magazine unveils the energy and strength inherent in the concept of how Nigerian women have come a long way from being just a homemaker to business tycoons, inventors, and leading new ideas.

The fact is that women face many more difficulties and prejudices than men when entering this or any profession. Hence their success stories are always applaudable and inspirational.

They are changing the face of the continent. With the rise of business in Africa, women are also taking business responsibilities into their own hands, this is indeed inspiring and empowering.

Precious Okechukwu is the founder and CEO of Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide – a Lagos-based real estate company. Precious used passion and talent to build her business from scratch at just age 19, making her one of the few successful youngest entrepreneurs in Africa.

Under her sterling leadership, Hav’i-Lah has grown from an idea in her living room into reality, developing properties for individuals, and corporate organisations, while strategically consolidating its activities across Nigeria, the entire West African sub-region, UAE, U.K, Canada, and the U.S.

As the industry changes beyond recognition at light speed, Precious is tasked with retooling and reconfiguring the services and talent of the firm for optimum performance in the new world.

She has championed multiple projects to accelerate the company’s transformation, including Hav’i-Lah Homes Finance, which she describes as “the country's first Online Mortgage Platform with its payments made through E-Naira and Cryptocurrency.

Precious shakes up traditions, approaches strategies innovatively, and remains ahead of the industry on several fronts. Recent highlights of her company include the group’s expansion into luxury apartments with projects such as Luxury by Hav’i-Lah, Le Madre, and Hav’i-Lah Court 1 located at Westend Estate, Off Lekky County, Lekki, Lagos state Nigeria. Hav’i-Lah has grown significantly through the years by offering tailor-made technology-driven real estate and activation experiences to clients across Nigeria.

In Precious’s words, “Hav’i-Lah focuses on delivering custom-made curated real estate experiences specifically tailored for each client.

Technology plays an important role in how we serve our clients and help create an interactive band-led experience, especially today.

We strongly believe in tech-driven solutions over the years and it has been extremely rewarding for our clients” On her new project, the Isabella Luxury by Hav’i-Lah, she said: “This is our most luxurious apartments and Maisonette located at Banana Island, known as an area reserved for the creme de la creme personalities, it is one of the wealthiest estates in the world with an initial deposit of $200,000. It is selling for $450,000 and $550,000 respectively.

The Island represents a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and a home for the country’s wealthiest families.

The features include incredible infrastructure, 24 hours electricity supply, extremely tight security, good road layout, central sewage system, and treatment plant. There is also a Games Park for Children, and the well-cherished company of fellow wealthy folks, rooftop and infinity swimming pool, extremely massive living room with an ante room and visitors’ toilet, personal gym, automated control system for sounds, lights, air-conditioners, and others, fully fitted kitchen with gas cooker, and heat extractor.”

Precious is driven by passion, ambition, and empathy. She actively supports young entrepreneurs at various start-up hubs across Africa and is a mentor to many young aspiring women-led businesses around in her home country Nigeria.

“Women are natural problem solvers; it comes to us so naturally that we don’t think about it twice. It is a gift that flows into every area of our lives that we often take for granted. “We are born with ingrained skills necessary for effective leadership – this is a massive advantage that with realisation is the most powerful thing”.

This issue also includes a special feature to celebrate the state of Qatar’s world cup 2022 with an exclusive interview with Sheikh Tamim ibn Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the state of Qatar on his country’s unbreakable cooperation in the fields of commerce, culture, sports, security, foreign policy, and military.

Plus, special profiling of the Middle East and Africa’s Top CEOs, these are the leaders managing the two regions’ biggest companies in terms of assets and revenues while also in many cases overseeing a workforce of thousands of people. This year will be testing their grit, but they are so far coming out on top. And as usual, the magazine is incomplete without your usual light stories as the magazine satisfies any kind of adventure your heart may desire; such as lush rainforest, waterfalls, and reefs at Naladhu Private Island Maldives, or should you perhaps prefer some winter wellness?

Pleasures Magazine provides the must-sees when visiting Rosewood London and a sneak peek at Al Habtoor city in the heart of Dubai.

These and many more reports combine in making the magazine a collector’s item and a reading pleasure for all and sundry. Available in print and digital, for front door delivery.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Pleasures Magazine.

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