Centurion Law Group

Centurion Law Group

We welcome the steps taken by Nigerian authorities to open investigations on Hawilti. Hawilti, Mickael Vogel and other co-conspirators are not above the law.

The company’s executives cannot mislead investors, African businesses, and Nigerians with impunity. Some of the investors’ critical information from the CRM databases are being used in partnerships that Hawilti entered into without approval by investors who funded Hawilti.

The facts seem pretty obvious based on what’s been put on the public record that there are serious questions or alarms to incentivize prosecutors to proceed in a more formal way.

We urge all law enforcement authorities to share information with various prosecuting agencies who may be able to prosecute and bring speedy relief to the investors. Nigeria is a country of laws and it should not be used by so called foreign investors to extort funds from everyday investors and citizens.

Our clients are confident by the efforts to hold Hawilti, Mickael Vogel and other co-conspirators accountable in our legal system. It’s time for those with a mandate to protect the public to exercise their power to get answers and hold Hawilti, Mickael Vogel and other co-conspirators accountable.


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