Saturday, Sep 09, 2017

Do you like listening to music when working out? I do. It’s especially helpful in keeping your workout pace consistent. Group exercise classes like those of Les Mills’ employ it to dictate tempo, in Yoga and Pilates music sets the mood, when pumping iron the beat drives you, and you can’t deny it helps push you get that extra rep in.

Music is simply intertwined with fitness as we know it today.

Though you can’t choose your own music when in group classes, flying solo will provide you that freedom. When training, the rock genre gets my blood pumping more than dance, R&B, or rap. This is different for everyone, and that’s cool.

I love group training but there are times you just want to shut everything out. When you put your earphones on the rest of world seizes to matter and you’re in your own zone.

Eminem’s rousing Lose yourself from 8 Mile fame or Drowning Pool’s Let the bodies hit the floor might be on top of most fitness buffs’ lists, but here are my personal top 10. It’s predominantly Rammstein, the industrial metal from Germany. I find their sound simply unapologetic and kick-ass, which suits the attitude of slaying your workouts. Perhaps try these as well?

Back in Black (by ACDC)

This is how Tony Stark makes an entrance in Iron Man, confident and unforgiving. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a nice and shiny gym, this will make your training feel old school and hard-core.

Links (by Rammstein)

It starts off marching. What better way to get your head right in line and focused on your workout.

Escape 700 (Hanna OST by Chemical Brothers)

Doing steady state cardio? Put this on and enjoy the ride.

Fix You (by Coldplay)

This anthem of triumph and rebirth starts off melancholic, good when you’ve just hopped on the treadmill. You walk with its slow start but sprint when the chorus hits.

Du Hast (by Rammstein)

You hit the ground running. It’s non-stop from its opening riff, great with high-intensity exercises.

What are you going to do when you are not saving the world (Man of Steel OST by Hans Zimmer)

Ooohhh… this one is a masterpiece from Zimmer. It’s a storied piece without lyrics. This takes your mood from calm to equipped to bursting with energy.

Ich Will (by Rammstein)

The title is Deutsch for ‘I want’ and its beat is a constant nudge. The kind that pushes you forward to get what you want.

Enter Sandman (by Metallica)

Enough said.

Rein Raus (by Rammstein)

Just heavy, and goes very well doing free weights with all the clanging and banging of metal on metal.

Wake Up (by Rage Against the Machine)

Remember Neo at the end of The Matrix? He flew. That’s how you feel if you listen to this on your finisher set. All that adrenalin kicks in and you feel unstoppable.

Dwynn Trazo, Senior Infographic Artist

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