FIA (International Automobile Federation), the governing body of motorsport, has been urged by more than 30 member clubs to pursue legal action against parties who made baseless allegations against its Emirati president Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

The first non-European FIA chief faced accusations of interfering with proceedings related to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in Jeddah and the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023.

In March, the FIA Ethics Committee, after a thorough internal investigation, published a report absolving Ben Sulayem of any wrongdoings.

“After reviewing the results of the inquiries, the Ethics Committee was unanimous in their determination that there was no evidence to substantiate allegations of interference of any kind involving the FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem,” the FIA said.

Now, Ben Sulayem has received an official letter from 34 heads of FIA Member Clubs and Sport Federations of America, expressing their full support.

In a previous statement to member clubs, the FIA President had highlighted that such unfounded allegations were meant as an attack against FIA’s leadership, doubting the very foundations of the federation, which cannot be tolerated.

Rallying behind Ben Sulayem, the heads of FIA Member Clubs and Sport Federations of America have backed Ben Sulayem, and pointed out that he acted “honourably, transparently and independently”.

The letter’s signatories accused biased media of working according to doubtful agendas on spreading wrongful news to taint Ben Sulayem’s unblemished reputation, further to his many achievements in his role as FIA President.

“That accusations of impropriety and unethical practices propagated by some members of the print and digital media were intended for the sole purpose of causing harm to the FIA and its leadership, particularly the President.”

The heads of member clubs asked FIA to take necessary legal actions against the parties who made the allegations, accusing them of slander.

“We will recommend that the FIA initiate legal action against those who, without cause, slander the FIA and its leadership.”

Voicing out their support to Ben Sulayem, they underlined: “We endorse and ratify our vote of confidence in support of Mr. Mohammed Ben Sulayem, for his stewardship of the FIA and his progress to fulfilling his commitment to transform the FIA in an ethical and transparent manner in order to better serve its members.”

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